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Pain In Right Knee And Distal Thigh


Dr. neha bhatti

13 Jul 16 10:41AM

Case History : An 11-year-old male child presented with pain in right knee and distal thigh. He also complained of fever and inability to walk since 5 days. There was no history of injury to the site. On examination, right lower leg was in flexion at knee joint. The right knee joint was swollen and painful. The temperature over distal thigh and knee was raised. X-ray showed evidence of multifocal radiolucent lesion in the distal end of femur involving the metaphyses and epiphyses. These lesions were irregular in outline and surrounded by sclerosis. Similar lesion involves the upper end of tibia. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) showed heterogeneously enhancing lesion in distal femur with involvement of metadiaphysis and extending into the epiphysis with joint effusion.
Investigation : What would be the likely diagnosis? What would be the possible treatment in this case?

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