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Proactive Coordinated Clinical Care

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Provider Plans

How We Differ

Smart Practice On the Cloud

  • Practice Management System
  • Digital Practice Without Boundaries
  • Telehealth Offerings
  • Add Virtual Clinics Increase Practice Boundaries
  • Easy Team Management Increased Productivity
  • Peer to Peer Connectivity

Our Focus

  • Any Where Any time Convenience
  • Increased Customer Satisfaction & Retention
  • Enhance Proactive Preventive Care
  • Move Your Practice With You
  • Increase Practice Revenue Contain Costs
  • Communication & Patient Engagement
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PRACTICE / CLINIC /HOSPITALS close tickblue tickblue
KNOWLEDGE LIBRARY tickblue tickblue tickblue
SOCIAL LOUNGE tickblue tickblue tickblue
TELEHEALTH close close tickblue
PRACTICE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM close tickblue tickblue
APPOINTMENT & SCHEDULING close tickblue tickblue
TEAM MANAGEMENT close close tickblue
OUTPATIENT MANAGEMENT close close tickblue
CONNECTED CIRCLE OF CARE close close tickblue
COMMUNICATOR & MODES close tickblue tickblue
PATIENT RECORD ACCESS close tickblue tickblue
DASHBOARD close close tickblue
PATIENT ORDER MANAGEMENT close tickblue tickblue
PATIENT HEALTH RECORDS close tickblue tickblue
PROACTIVE PATIENT ALERTS close close tickblue
WELLNESS & PREVENTION close tickblue tickblue
HEALTH ASSESSMENTS close tickblue tickblue
DIET & NUTRITION close close tickblue
CHILD DEVELOPMENT close tickblue tickblue
MATERNAL HEALTH close tickblue tickblue
Pricing Guide
DurationStandard PriceOffer PriceSavings /PMAction
1 Month 649 649 Add To Cart
7 Months 3899 3599 (Savings 21%) Add To Cart
15 Months 5699 5129 (Savings 47%) Add To Cart
42 Months 14329 12179 (Savings 61%) Add To Cart
DurationStandard PriceOffer PriceSavings /PMAction
1 Month 999 999  Add To Cart
7 Months 5519 4705  (Savings 33%) Add To Cart
15 Months 8199 7429  (Savings 50%) Add To Cart
42 Months 20399 17429  (Savings 64%) Add To Cart
1 Physician Provider 999 Per Year
1 Allied Healthcare Professional 599 Per Year
1 Alternate Medicine Provider 999 Per Year

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