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Population Health Management

A Path To Employee Satisfaction & Productivity

Engage + Enable + Empower = Healthier Work Force

Key Highlights

  • Enable individuals to improve their own health and wellness
  • Motivate participants to stick with health goals through goal tracking
  • Connect with the care team for a coordinated level of care
  • Assign specific educational materials to participants
  • Provide a medical summary that delivers a holistic, personalized view of an individual’s health history—it is a useful tool when consulting with healthcare providers

Encourage and Empower Active Participation in Individual Health

Engaging enabling and empowering employees is critical for their health outcomes. We engage with the population to help them become partners in their care plans and collaborators in improving their health.

Your Business Challenge

Identify persons that need help to improve & maintain their health. Getting individuals to stick to care plans and collaborate in their wellness is critical to prevent adverse events. Providers need to transform patients into engaged and informed decision-makers, so they make lifestyle changes that lead to better health and reduce medical costs. This, in turn, leads to healthier populations having better outcomes, and extending care from hospital to the community for both treatment and diagnostic programs. The key challenge is to engage patients beyond office visits, and it is here the Active Wellness Ecosystem helps through its extended virtual platform.

What We Offer

Active Wellness Participant Portal is our customizable, secure, interactive web-based portal that provides individuals with links to knowledge library where they can understand and manage health conditions, social communities to interact with others trying to take similar issues. A range of interactive tools, assessments and health decision points. Ability to manage their tests, drugs & e-consults. This is supported by tracking & monitoring of health goals and dashboards.

Active Wellness Participant Portal includes:

  • Comprehensive health information ranges from knowledge library to a repository of health records. The information is entered by individuals and the care teams to build a continuity of care record.
  • Incentivization for participation and progress and tracking against goals set by the care team or through benefits design by employers and health plans.
  • Secure communication capability between care managers and individuals.
  • Continuous Health risk assessments and health trends engage individuals to understand their health risk level better, enhancing data analytics in Active Wellness Population Health Intelligence.
  • Customizable participant surveys and assessments.

How We’re Different

Population risk stratification

Our tools and data within the portal assist in identifying individuals at all levels of risk and help focus intervention on those with the highest priority and emerging risks, to prevent more severe care episodes. The ultimate goal is to move individuals from higher to lower risk categories.

Appropriate, patient-centred care

By classifying the entire population, the personal health nurse and the patient’s physician can create a personal health management plan particularly suited to each participant that can be viewed and managed via the portal.

Long-term accountability and engagement

Our health nurses provide constant support to lower risk levels, including on-going management of health conditions, problems, health checks, and education to enable individuals to take an active role in their health over the long haul.

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