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Home Care Services

Improved Quality Of Life

Quality Care + Home Teams = Reduced Hospitalization Events

Our Home Care Ecosystem is a range of Services that Extend the Consumer Connect Ecosystem. This includes providing Nursing, Attendant/Home Health Aide, Physiotherapy and related services under the guidance and support of a care team. The care teams if needed make home visits both physical and through virtual means.

Our Allied Health Care Professionals will be a part of the Care Team. The need will be either assessed by our team of doctors. These can be provided even if they are recommended by after illness and discharge from the hospital. The Home Care Services suite of services is an extension to the Managed care Packages. The Home Care services include support and monitoring of health at home.

What We Do?

Care At Home

We bring Proactive Care into the comfort of the home. Through the use of our Ecosystem “An intelligent Healthcare System we bring a comprehensive suite of Services to address the following needs:

  • Primary & Secondary Preventive Care
  • Medication Therapy Management
  • Home monitoring both discrete and continuous
  • Chronic Disease Management & Rehabilitation Services
  • Palliative Care needs.
  • Old age Care needs.

Who Needs It?

An individual’s health journey is marked by illness episodes that need support and care at home to manage and recover from episodes of sickness. The Extended Home Health Service help provide support for activities of daily living such as Physical upkeep, rehabilitation, and monitoring services. These services are helpful for patients that are:

  1. Post Hospital Discharge Following:
    1. Neurological Events such as Strokes
    2. Cardiac Events such as Congestive Heart Failure, Heart Attacks
  2. Cardiac Conditions
  3. Respiratory Condition
  4. Physical Rehabilitation
  5. Old Age Care
  6. Chronic Disease Care
  7. Diabetes, CVD, Cancer Palliative Care, COPD, Diabetes

How Does Home Attendant Services Fit In

This is providing medical service at home by trained nurse / attendants. These are allied healthcare professional responsible for medical procedures, safety and recovery of patients from acute and chronic health issues. An in-home nurse or a shift nurse cares for you in your home, integrating him or herself into your family.

Solve your Day to Day needs

At times medical conditions require care at home which the family may not be equipped to provide. Going to the hospital is neither possible nor convenient way to address the problem. This is where Active Wellness solutions come in. The Home care service team provides assistance with managing needs that the family may not be equipped to handle. Some Examples are:-

Bowel and Bladder Management

Certain medical conditions lead to loss of control our bowel and bladder requiring bowel / bladder management. Our home attendant services / nurses help meet this need. They work under the care and guidance of a Care team.

Catheter Care

Medical conditions, at times, prevent the normal drainage from the bladder. Here there is a need to use a catheter to drain the urine from the bladder. Our nursing staff provides care for patients who need this assistance.

Ostomy Care

An Ostomy is an opening created in the abdomen by surgery. This allows the bowels to empty from inside to outside through this body opening is called stoma. Our nursing teams help manage and train family members / home attendants to manage these after this surgery.

Respiratory Care/ Oxygen administration

Our nurses are trained to provide respiratory care starting from babies with underdeveloped lungs to adults with lung diseases effectively & safely.

Tracheostomy and Ventilator nursing care

Just undergone a tracheostomy and need care. We have nursing care at your doorstep. Difficulty in breathing and hence on a ventilator. Our well-trained teams of assistants can guide you further.

Injections and IV Infusion

We save you the trouble of regular hospital visits when it comes to frequent injections and IV infusions. Our nursing team will do this in the comfort of your home.

Post-surgical Care

Post-surgical care is critical to prevent re-hospitalization and covers needs from pain management, feeding to respiratory management & fluid management. Users can expect to get well sooner under the care of our nurses, who help you with all of this in the comfort of your home.

How We Deliver?

The Consumer Connect Ecosystem enables the Personal Care Team to Extend into the Home through the Allied Health Care Professional and remote monitoring services. The Home Health Team that is present at the patient bedside for patients with special needs, and rehabilitation services.

The Comprehensive Suite of Tools is available to the patient / kin which is supplemented by extending the care into the home of the patient. Patients get Care Delivery through an Integrated Care delivery teams.

Delivery Steps:

Step 1: The person signs up for Managed Care Services: The patient can either select the Package that meets his need or a Need Assessment is done and a package recommended by the Active Wellness Team.

Step 2: A Care Team is assigned to the Consumer: A Care Team, depending upon the need is assigned to manage a patient. This can include one or more of the following: Primary Care Doctor, Nurse, Dietician, Care Aide, Pharmacist/ Pharmacologist, Care Coordinator, Specialist Doctor.

Step 3: Patient Clinical Profile is updated: The complete Clinical Profile is created by the patient/ attendant, and a Personal Health Record is created. Active Wellness Care Team can also assist in the creation of the Profile. This helps create a base line to provide total Care. All medical encounters are recorded in the PHR thus giving a complete view of the patient for better management.

Step 4: Medical Records and MTM Review: A comprehensive review is done of the current health state and the ongoing Medications. The Discharge Instructions are reviewed, and the same is incorporated into the review.

Step 5: Therapeutic Goals are set: The goals of therapy and medication are developed, and the individual / kin are involved in the decision making process.

Step 6: Home Care Needs Assessed & Plan Developed: The Home needs of a patient are discussed with the Kin and trained personnel are deployed for the needs. This could range from a Home Care Aide to nurse care, Physiotherapy at home or scheduled doctor visits depending upon the condition of the patient.

Step 7: Continuous Monitoring and Tracking of progress. The PHR is activated to start the continuous monitoring of the health state, monitor therapeutic compliance, and progress of the interventions taking place at home through an intelligent system.

Step 8: Medications & Tests: The Care teams can review progress, order Medications and Tests for the patient. The test samples are collected from the home and the medicines ordered are delivered at home. The Care coordinator will guide you onto how to take medications, precautions and when to call back.

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