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Practice Management Solution & Electronic Health Records

Optimize Practice = ActiveMD-Connect + ActiveMD-Clinical

Provider Portal + Patient Portal + Tools = Total Care

Providers Challenges:

Healthy Life

ActiveMD - Connect + ActiveMD - Clinical: Delivers proven solutions to help physician practices to improve productivity & care quality to patients.

In today’s evolving healthcare environment, improving your patient’s clinical outcomes while continuing to grow your practice is more challenging than ever. The Road to Success is the use of a technology-enabled comprehensive set of clinical tools that help you:

  • Deliver the highest quality of patient care
  • Enhance Revenue
  • Improve practice efficiency & effectiveness
  • Access to your patient practice system anywhere anytime 24x7. 
  • Access patient records and gaps in care on the fly

Designed to support independent physicians, small clinics, specialty practices. ActiveMD - Clinical is a proven practice management system that delivers streamlined practice management features. ActiveMD - Clinical is much more than just practice management. Here you receive both the practice management system and an advanced electronic health record (EHR) at a value that smaller physician practices appreciate. The ActiveMD - Clinical suite of solutions gives your practice the Clinical Tools needed to streamline and simplify the way you run your practice. You access Clinical guidelines and Care Pathways within the EHR & at Point of Care.

Streamlined Scheduling and Practice Management Solution

In a small practice, all revenue counts. Therefore, a practical solution that reduces the administrative burden while helping to improve patient care and the reimbursement for that care. The ActiveMD suite offers two variants. ActiveMD Connect - A free access to the Provider Networking and profile creation. The extended solution is ActiveMD - Clinical. This gives the access to the Connect functionality and in addition access a practice management system with a powerful workflow engine to manage the scheduling, patient management, EHR and an inbuilt set of clinical tools that enhance your practice. ActiveMD - Clinical practice management is built to help your practice accurately capture clinical data with a comprehensive set of tools. Easy to use Provider Worklist and robust Clinical Messaging with security that helps streamline communications between clinicians and care team members. The clinical workflow tool also automates common physician activities such as Prescribing, ordering tests, viewing results and documenting clinical encounters, building Care Plans, defining patient tasks and monitoring progress towards care goals.

The Patient Portal connect & Interface with the EHR is a unique and patented feature. Let patients state and document their problems. You are made aware of these when you login. This reduces response to changing care needs and modification of care plans. Enables seamless interface and collaborative care with geographically distributed care teams. This allows providers to increase the focus on more meaningful tasks such as creating and updating patient Care Plans; review gaps in care of your patients and add /modify Care Plans and review patient progress through realtime tracking and monitoring. The robust Communication Manager allows instant communication within the care network and with patients.

Advanced Clinical Capabilities and Reporting with Electronic Health Record Solution

ActiveMD Clinical brings together the latest practice management system with an advanced electronic health record (EHR) and an array of practice tools at a value that independent physician practices can appreciate. When it comes to documentation, the unique PHR- EHR Interface allows your patients to submit subjective details into the providers' inbox saves documentation time. The Providers can access and update an entire chart from a single point of entry, reducing manual entry. Documentation tools, such as templates and web-based patient data entry, can be customized to a provider’s preference and practice needs. With electronic prescribing (e-prescribing) and e-orders and ability to create goals and tasks for your patients optimize your workflow and provides comprehensive tools that improve quality of care and care effectiveness without compromising on patient safety.

Searchable patient data by multiple criteria allows for instant access and review, create develop and deploy Care plans for the patients. You can view all the critical information, including results, incoming messages, and detailed performance levels, all in one patient interface. The tool’s capabilities are designed to encourage the adoption of EHRs, e-prescribing, test orders, and comprehensive care plans.

Medical Records
Flexible & Customizable Fits all practices & workflows

Instant access to a user-friendly dashboard view of your daily schedule, patient list, workflow queues, and tasks. Built-in assessment for capturing wellness and preventive health state allows proactive interventions. View patient charts and create your templates for order sets and encounter notes.

Mobile accessibility

Gain secure, web-based and mobile-optimized access to patient charts from almost any mobile device, any time of day.

Simple, seamlessly integrated

Built and supported with the latest technology standards, allows easy access and share information across the patient care spectrum — between care teams, specialists, and hospitals, ambulatory practices and homecare teams to deliver comprehensive care.

Supports delivery of consistent, evidence-based, high-quality patient care

Access the care guidelines and clinical pathways when you are practicing or within the clinical workflow.

Patient Portal

Active Wellness patient portal enables practices/ providers who use ActiveMD Clinical to enhance relationships with patients and improve communication by providing secure online access to their clinical information. Patients can view their PHR (Personal Health Record) via an easy-to-navigate, customized portal account, allowing for a better understanding of and more active role in their care. They can communicate with their care teams record and track their progress and improve their compliance with care plans. 

This highly personalized patient experience is generated from the information in ActiveMD Clinical, making it easier for your practice to have a stronger bonding with your patient. Give your patiens "Total Care Plans" and not just Sick Event "Treatment Plans." The robust Communication Manager allows effective real-time communication efficiencies and allows for even greater interactivity with your patients.

ActiveMD - Connect
  • Connect, Collaborate with your peers. Create your Physician networks. Create your Practice Profile showcase your competency,
  • This increases your visibility to patients who are in the Active Wellness Ecosystem.
  • Create Tasks and Checklists that consumers can follow.
  • Answer Consumer queries and increases your likes and patient's helped count.
  • This is free lifetime service.
ActiveMD - Clinical
  • Sign up for putting your practice online.
  • Your patients move with you with a single message
  • Extend Your Practice reach and Increase Patient Flow.
  • Get to be a part of the care teams that the platform offers to patients.
  • Manage your practice and the patient records online.
  • Reduce your administrative costs of managing and maintaining your practice records.
  • Get paid for the consults that you undertake.

Benefits of ActiveMD (Connect + Clinical)
  • Focus on improving care quality & Patient Experience
  • Improve productivity and save staff time
  • Flexibility to support various complex workflows
  • Improve clinical and financial staff productivity
  • Reduce administrative and operating costs
  • Manage your practice more efficiently
  • Increase your Practice & Revenue

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