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Communication Platform

ActiveMD Communication Platform helps you deliver the best virtual and in-person care to focus on what matters most—your patients.

Smart Communication = Messages + Email + Video + Audio

Communication Connected Care

Connected Care

ActiveMD Communication Platform helps you deliver the best virtual and in-person care to focus on what matters most—your patients. ActiveMD is the only place to manage all your work and communications that happen within and outside of the PHR. Allows delivery of personalised specific messages through a secure channel. View the conversations over a period of time to ensure safe and efficient care.

Optimize the patient experience, increase engagement, office productivity, and drive organizational profitability HIPAA complaint manner.

Care Overview

Manage all types of communications, between distributed care teams, care teams and such as Direct secure messaging, broadcast messaging, notifications and client interactions via a portal where patients & family members can send messages, complete forms, and self-schedule for care conferences. Our solution works in the office or from a mobile device between offices.

Complete care team collaboration

ActiveMD's communications platform to allows you securely share information and collaborate with care team members such as physicians, pharmacists, family members and health partners.

Communication Category

ActiveMD offers Providers & Care facilities a web-based care coordination suite to: 

  • Exchange secure messages
  • Transitional care alerts
  • Focused communication from within a patient record.
  • Engage family members & community partners
  • Update Personal Healthcare Records
  • Deliver Prescriptions & Test orders
  • Track health Goals and task compliance
  • Monitor Drug compliance
  • Personalized Screening Reminders
  • Engage for Re-Care
  • View test results
  • Modify Care Plans
  • Video Consults

ActiveMD suite provides a comprehensive tool set to help care providers and care teams provide better care, generate new revenue opportunities, and drive down costs.

Key Benefits
  • Seamless communications including transition of care documents & PHI
  • Communicate faster With physicians, family members and community partners
  • Engage clients and family members By offering convenient online customer service tools
  • Increase clinical services revenue through improved care coordination processes
  • Improve customer service Better focused communication & easy access
  • Increase efficiency Reduce costs with digital intake forms and patient records
  • Increase Practice Inflow Patients can upload records & sign electronic consent forms
  • Improve staff satisfaction Reducing manual work saves time and eliminates redundancy so that staff can spend less time on routine administrative work and more time on higher-value tasks
  • Eliminate paper redundancy Get rid of piles of paper to be filed and endless checklists of things to do after you’re done with what you’re currently working on? ActiveMD enables review, edit, sign, file, annotate and forward – without touching a piece of paper.
  • Increase staff productivity Most health systems or hospitals have lots of paper processes and use a range of point solutions to reach customers. The staff is swamped with browser tabs, desktop apps and more – creating a patchwork approach to care coordination. ActiveMD solution replace it with a single Out patient system that manages monitors and delivers care coordination.
  • Access from anywhere Do more from more places. All solutions can be accessed anywhere with Internet connection – in the hospital, at the clinic, from a cell phone or through a mobile device on the go.
  • Better patient engagement Streamlined solutions to engage patients in their own care and ensure they are active members of their own care team.

Communication & Engagement Solutions

Interoperability – We provide and improve connections between LTPAC physicians and senior care facilities by enabling secure, real-time patient health information exchange in order to improve care and boost staff efficiency.

Productivity – By reducing / eliminating manually data entry , and automation of communications with patients and family. Send and receive information, that is integrated into the PHR. Forget manual processes like scanning, copying, filing, sorting, retrieving, and even replacing lost paper.

Security – Our HIPAA-compliant security requirements prevent unauthorized users from accessing PHI.

Accuracy – ActiveMD cuts down on the requirement to manually transmit , make calls, and IVR when electronically targeted message can be sent. All patient notes and health data are safely stored in the cloud with secure encryption.

Health Systems

ActiveMD for Health Systems

ActiveMD helps health systems, hospitals and large outpatient facilities to streamline communication, standardize administrative workflow and better engage patients in their own care.

Managing large complex organizations with multiple departments or locations is difficult and a partnership with ActiveMD helps manage this complexity. By eliminating manual processes and moving to a single-point solution and streamlining patient engagement channels—large care organizations can better connect providers, specialist and allied care workers with healthcare partners such as pharmacies and laboratories and patients in an efficient manner, saving time and money but most importantly improving the lives of their patients. Build a single continuity of care record.


Become a Partner

Partnerships are a vital part of the success of our customers and helping ActiveMD achieve our vision of providing a single collaboration platform for out-of-hospital providers and pharmacies.

There are many ways to partner with us.

We offer one of the most robust and easy-to-use API libraries for integrating your applications with our web-based platform. We provide a single solution to help partners meet their needs and offer a private label and single sign on approach for a consistent user experience with minimal development effort. With ActiveMD, your product management and development teams can scope and start developing immediately.


Offers access to a network of increasing users (and growing every day). ActiveMD offers upstream and down stream supply chain partners unique access to healthcare providers across the nation. Through one application, you can instantly access practices, pharmacies, post-acute care and health systems that service more than 71 million patients.

Healthcare IT

Are you a provider of complementary products or solutions serving healthcare landscape? By combining our products, ActiveMD and our healthcare technology partners provide greater value to mutual customers. The ActiveMD partner network brings together best of breed partner solution providers who share our vision of disrupting the status quo while delivering tangible results in healthcare.

Let ActiveMD help you

Let ActiveMD transform the way your business works with the tools needed for efficient, cost-effective internal productivity, provider communication and patient engagement

What can ActiveMD do for me?

Eliminate redundant, manual processes with one place to review, take action and track activities.

Connect with patients where they are and how they like to communicate.

Replace multiple solutions with a single, Communication and patient management Platform.

Strengthen relationships between care teams, and increase visibility with clear audit trails.


An easier way to manage documents and internal communication

ActiveMD Office Productivity solution allows you to spend less hours on manual tasks or multiple system logins, and more time focusing on patients. Our solution alleviates the back-and-forth phone calls, lost messages, or need for a paper trail. 

Patient Experience

Stay connected with your patients

On average, for every 100 appointments on a provider’s schedule, 7 will not show. Decrease patient no-shows, deliver targeted messages and alleviate the back-and-forth phone calls or need for paper documents before and after visits.

Increase Productivity

Improve workflow

Organize and assign ownership/priority to keep documents moving throughout the day.

Add-on products

Add any of our additional products to build a solution that works for you.

Streamline Communication

Convenient care made possible

Virtual visits and conversations take place in a secure, HIPAA-compliant environment and alleviates the back-and-forth phone calls, paper documents before and after visits and need for non-emergency in-person care.

Communication Productivity includes:


Electronic Fax

Send, receive, edit & sign every fax from anywhere, on any device.

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Quickly connect with fellow providers with real-time messaging.

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Direct Secure Messaging

Utilize our secure and expansive network.

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Electronic Forms

Streamline documents in a more productive way.

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