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Practice Smart Not Hard. Let ActiveMD Work For You To Expand Your Practice Globally.

Social Lounge + Practice Management + Virtual Consults = Optimized Time + Increased Revenue.

Key Provider Solutions/Services

Practice Management System For Connected Collaborative Hybrid Care

Active Wellness Solution that fits your practice

Individual Clinicians

Practice Smart: Our virtual presence helps you extend your practice. Let the PMS handle Appointments, manage and communicate with patients 24x7. See your practice grow.

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Extend Remote Care: Remain connected with your patients. Help them transition to homecare safely after discharge. Our Homecare services partner to meet your goals

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Nursing Home / Poly Clinics

Holistic Care: Move from writing Treatment Plans to Care Plans. Holistic plans that focus on prevention of events delays morbidity reduces adverse events

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Special Care Clinics

Specialist Care: Have care teams work under your guidance. Focus on your strength have the care teams execute and escalate patients care needs.

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Why Active Wellness

Our Patient centric approach ensures that there is collaborative and coordinated care that is personalised. You can manage monitor and record all patient transaction in the Electronic Medical record . The E-Suite of appointments, patient management and E-ordering increase revenue, reduce costs and lead to effective use of provider time.

What Providers Say

"Time constraints and work pressure prevent doctors from gathering in a lounge"

“This is the lounge for the doctor, by the doctor of the doctor without the intrusion of multiple outside parties.”

“I can freely speak because I am anonymous. I don't have to worry about my words getting back to a hospital administrator.”

“ I love ActiveMD as I can now speak out and raise alerts on impending health issues and have a peer network to share concerns with.”

“Being a semi-anonymous environment actually allows for more honest and useful advice and comments. I get enough daily BS, condescending crappy advice in real life. I don't need more in the virtual life.”

“Googling a medicine does not replace a human source. We have to go beyond ‘cookbook’ medicine, and seek reasonable, experienced minds to think through difficult and diverse cases.”

“Medicine is fun, when it’s without the intrusion of outsiders. It is a place where we can practice medicine even if it is pro-bono.”

“I love to hangout on ActiveMD Where I get to ask questions, read articles share opinions and frustrations and most of all help others. When I am stressed out, I get support here any time of the day.”

“ActiveMD is the collective voice for the providers. Now doctors have a voice that regulators need to hear to improve healthcare delivery."

“I think ActiveMD is a spot where i can read a clinical discussion, articles or solve cases. Can connect with thought leaders. If I need clinical help with a patient, I know where I can get help.”

“I read a post about an atypical disease presentation. It helped me nail the diagnosis.”

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