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Inpatient Urgent Care Centers

Increase Visibility = Increase In-patient Flow

Specialty Care = Cost Effective Care + Improved Patient Experience
Intensive Care Unit

Stand out from the competition.

With Active Wellness, you’ll be able to expand your clinic’s treatment radius statewide, differentiating you from the competitors in your area and expanding your total throughput and revenue.

Telemedicine enables urgent care providers to treat patients in any state where they legally hold a medical license. For example, a clinic in Gurgaon is able to expand their potential pool of patients to the entire state population, rather than the patients who live within a four-mile radius of their clinic + Source: “Telemedicine’ s Impact on Urgent Care: What You Need to Know.” The Journal of Urgent Care Medicine 6: 15-20.

Differentiate your Clinic Practice

Start offering Specialty consultations

Active Wellness offers a turnkey "Connected Health Solution for Inpatient Urgent Care Clinics." The comprehensive EHR integrated with the PHR coupled with a comprehensive toolset allows the practice to provide comprehensive care solutions. The Communication manager allows seamless communication between care teams and patients.

Wellness, Prevention & Clinical Screenings

  • Clinical Screening
  • Immunization
  • Mother & Child Health Screening
  • 360 Degree Health Assessment
  • Quality Of Life Assessment
  • Mental Health Assessment
  • Chronic Disease Risk

Acute Care

  • Urinary Tract Infections
  • Conjunctivitis
  • Allergies
  • Upper Respiratory Infections
  • Rashes
  • Diarrhea
  • Flu

Chronic Care

  • Asthma & COPD Check-ups
  • Diabetes Care & Follow-ups
  • Hypertension & CVD Mgmt.
  • Obesity & Hyperlipidemias
  • Mental Health Counselling
  • Review Lab Results
  • Medication Refills

Education & Consults

  • Medication Management
  • Home Care: Monitoring & Observation.
  • Lifestyle Counselling
  • Nutrition Counseling
  • Pre- And Post-op Consults (Step Down Care)
  • Home Monitoring

Key Benefits

Extend Clinic Drainage - Treat Remote Patients.

With Active Wellness you can connect with patients outside your natural geography.

Effectively use Provider Downtime.

There are slow segments / low periods at the clinic, and we help drive patient traffic in this low powered. Undertake review and diagnose and treat low acuity patients online during quieter shifts.

Deliver Accessibility.

Treat patients at their home or office during times that are convenient for them and improve loyalty to your clinic as a result. Contact Us

Value Proposition

Why Active Wellness For Your Urgent Care Practice

It’s now easy and affordable for any group practice to offer telehealth to your patients.

  • Private, virtual practice
  • Your branding, your doctors
  • Set your hours and services
  • Determine your own pricing
  • Staff delegation of intake, scheduling and more
  • Comprehensive set of Practice and Patient Management Tools

Active Wellness Solution has the ability to transform the way you provide care by allowing your patients to connect with you from anywhere.  Our proven, user-friendly secure communication Manager allows messaging, audio and video connections. The platform is changing practice paradigms. It transitions Practice and office workflows into an interactive online environment, helping you improve patient engagement and practice performance.

Provider Flexibility

Control your availability with scheduled or on-demand visits and deliver care from anywhere; office, home or on the go. Put all your doctors and clinics under one account. Your PMS will give you access to updated patient health information. Real-time and updated information at a point of care is a key to deliver quality and effective care.

Patient Satisfaction

Patients demand services online continues to grow, and healthcare is no exception.

Reduce your patients' pain points of long commutes, clinic waiting, etc. Save your patients time and hassle by decreasing waiting room time and eliminating travel time – a virtual visit can save your patients over 150 -180 minutes.

Offer extended practice hours from the comfort of your Physicians home. Move acute care visits from phone calls to video visits during peak call times as an added service that creates a win-win situation for both your patients' and your bottom line.

Staff Efficiency and Effectiveness

Extend your office experience online on a single platform. A patient waiting room and the delegated team provide a welcoming experience for patients before their visit.

Our Practice In a Box handles the front office workflows such as payment collection, and patient self-scheduling save your staff time.

Boost revenue with virtual visits

The patient behavior and expectations are evolving, and so are the payment models. Add additional revenue opportunities while continuing to manage more of your patient population under value-based contracts.

What Practice Gains

Active Wellness Virtual Visits has benefits across many specialties that include primary care, pediatrics, surgical specialties, behavioral health, chronic disease management and more. Virtual visits appointments can effectively supplement office visits by providing patients a more convenient way to see you for acute issues and helping them stay engaged in their quest for a healthy life.

"Clinic In A Box"

Active Wellness is leading the healthcare transformation. It’s making Practice affordable for any group practice to manage patients, medical records, and online tools for managing the practice.

  • Private, hybrid practice both clinic & virtual practice
  • Your branding, your doctors
  • Set your hours and services
  • Determine your own pricing
  • Staff delegation of intake, scheduling and more all in one platform
  • Your branding, your doctors

What You Get

Web presence

Web presence

Display you specialties and detail your successes. Show up in treatment searches by patients. Showcase your specialist teams. Display your breakthroughs and successes.

Online Presence of your Providers & Care Teams

Online Presence of your Providers & Care Teams

You can on-board the great doctors and specialists. They can actively participate in the Consumer discussion and participate in their care teams.

Increase Primary Care team / Patient Referrals

Increase Primary Care team / Patient  Referrals

Increase ActiveMD Online Care patient referrals. Get patients requiring planned procedures / emergency needs from outside.

Provider - to - Provider Communication

Provider - to - Provider Communication

We facilitate the communication of hospital specialist with the Primary care and specialist team of the patients. Leads to proper compliance of treatment & Post discharge Instruction.

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