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Managed Care

Proactive coordinated comprehensive Care

Care Team + Technology + Tools = Reduce Adverse Events + Remain Healthy & Out of Hospital

What Are Managed Care Packages?

We bring the Next Gen Technology bundled with services to meet the care needs of patients that can cover from assisted care to comprehensive extended home care. A typical patient need might commence with a managed care through either a self-managed program. There are times when you would like Managed care for Chronic disease and special situations. We undertake an assessment and then recommend a management plan that works best for the patient.

We provide Comprehensive Coordinated Care Plans that go way beyond the Treatment Plans. All Active Wellness Managed Care Packages comprise a comprehensive care team approach to manage the health and care needs of a patient. An Active Wellness Care Coordinator ensures that all your care needs are met proactively. Through the care coordinator we support you require – physiotherapy, doctor consultations, supportive care from nurses and aides, equipment, diagnostics etc. He manages you and communicates with you using the latest technology. Everything is made available to you through a single point of contact, in the comfort of your home.

Have a care team manage you and your health needs 24x7x365. Our care-network consists of physicians, specialists, pharmacists, dieticians and nurses who work to deliver holistic healthcare support at home. Know more...

Managed Care Outcome

  • Improved Health & Wellbeing
  • Managed Care with the comprehensive care team
  • Reduced risk of hospitalization
  • Proactive interventions through comprehensive care management.

What Conditions require managed care?

Elder Care

Active Wellness's elder care plans are designed to support elders at home with daily living assistance and health care services. Know More..

Mother & Child

Mother & Child is a complete pregnancy management program that starts from preconception through pregnancy to postnatal period. The program is designed to provide seamless guidance through your building a happy and healthy family. There is a post-natal care program specially designed by Active Wellness for new mothers and newborns. We believe that motherhood should be enjoyable and easy. Sign in to Know more...

Chronic Disease Care

Active Wellness’s Chronic Disease program delivers specialised services to anyone who has a chronic illness such as Diabetes, CVD, Hypertension etc. We help build programs to manage the disease, reduce the risk factors and minimize the impact of the illness. The chronic disease program manages all aspects of health and gives real-time support interventions and escalations so that you come out to be a winner. Sign in to Know more...

Ortho Care

Active Wellness’s Care+ Ortho program delivers specialised services to anyone who has just undergone surgery or serious medical intervention. We build special rehabilitation programs for you to become active and mobile early. Know More...

Cancer Care

Our Cancer nursing care program is designed to address the needs of both the patient and his or her family. Our endavour is to relieve your family of its emotional agony by shifting the patient’s focus from confronting cancer to celebrating life. Know More…

Transitional Care

Discharge after major surgeries and major healthcare events that had led to hospital admission requires rehabilitation and stabilization of the condition to prevent readmission. Our offerings help you do just that. Know More…

Assisted Care

Our assisted care ensures holistic support at home. This covers needs ranging from not only expert nursing to long and short term trained attendant services but also home lab tests coupled with emotional support for the patient. We work with you and build a customized Care package according to your need.

Key Benefits
  • Improves efficiency by providing a single data repository for role-based documentation
  • Enables consistent care documentation processes to minimize errors
  • Eliminates duplicity and recording of biometrics and patient care notes
  • Integrated PHR - EHR gives enhanced visibility to both Care teams and patients
  • Build custom need based Care teams for effective Delivery
  • Defining Goals and specifying Tasks to achieve them..
  • Facilitates ongoing Care Plan analysis and effecting proactive modifications
  • Comprehensive Medication Therapy Management to prevent Medication errors
  • Promotes efficient scheduling processes that focus on the care need.
  • Real Time interactive communication allows interventions in real time.
  • Integrated Communication - facilitates instant communication within the Care Network.
Key Features
  • Home care teams can raise proactive referrals and escalations to Care teams around new problems / symptoms, any medication issues, progress in the control and management of diseases. Review of dashboards and escalate gaps in care. Review drug adherence and undertake health assessments.
  • Allow targeted patient education materials-available that is driven by the care needs at the touch of a screen. The patient has access to a knowledge library that covers a variety of conditions, diseases, treatments, behavioral issues, drug product recommendations, and instructions
  • An industry-standard library of more than 400 Clinical Care pathways and Evidence-Based Medicine to your treating teams.
  • A library text option that you can use to create a library of standard verbiage to populate verbal orders, physician's orders, and interdisciplinary communication
  • The integrated Drug formulary and Medication Adherence Program reduces drug interactions and adverse events

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