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What Is It?

It is a single easy to use health management tool that helps consumers to keep healthy, identify and reverse disease risk and helps patients identify gaps in their care.

It proactively assists the patient in the management of disease, especially Chronic Disease.

It assists to improve quality of life, all-round health and reduce/halt the progression of disease and hospitalization events through an intelligent engine and a set of processes. Consumer Services

A robust set of tools, workflows and knowledge libraries that help consumers:

  • Engage
  • Enable
  • Empower

What Problem Does It Solve?

It helps address the real life problems and pain points faced by a consumer in addressing his health related problems and getting help. Do you are faced with long wait times at provider offices, prescription clarity is not there, unaware of what you should do to remain healthy, need help with care at home, need easy ordering of tests and consults? Consumer Connect provides a solution to all real life issues and concerns such as:

Who Benefits From Consumer Connect?

Consumer Connect is a Whole of life solution and is meant for all ages and both genders. It manages the health of all person’s once they are onboarded onto the system. The core focus is on the following population groups:

Women’s Health especially focuses on the health of a woman. It provides guidance on readiness to start a family, holds hands in the three trimesters of pregnancy, and then Labour and Delivery.

Infant & Children it helps parents to monitor and track the development milestones, immunization and screening needs and suggest interventions when needed.

Teens & Adolescents have special needs around their growing phase; this also includes Psycho-Social, Physical and developmental. The application addresses their needs.

Adults & Seniors have evolving dynamic needs that starts from remaining healthy, to fighting mental stress and health issues. Dietary & Lifestyle indiscretions lead to developing risk and after that onset of Chronic disease. The Consumer Connect helps proactively find and help solve these issues.

I Want To Remain Healthy & Disease Free. What Should I Do?

Consumer connect has the solution. It helps build your Clinical Profile, determine current health state and identify what needs to be done to improve your health further. It then suggests Action Plans to improve your health.

The E-Clinician (Virtual Doctor) helps identify primary and secondary prevention gaps, identify potential disease risk and what to do about it. It helps to catch the chronic disease at its start and manage it. After that it suggest provides guidance on ways to keep healthy and stay out of the hospital. This is followed by setting goals and tracking progress.

The E-Clinician (Virtual Doctor) continuously scans your health records and alerts you on your health needs and generates proactive alerts on actions & tasks, monitors your medication.

I Have A Problem What Could This Be?

The Consumer Connect Triage function addresses precisely this question and helps a consumer by assisting him with knowing what is the potential cause of the disease is. It gives crisp curated information on the disease, its etiology, symptoms, and treatments, and medications. The medical emergencies library helps provides what you need to do.

What Should I Do?

Allows guides consumers to assess their health. An intelligent engine determines the Health score and gives potential recommendations on what should be done. This allows the setting of goals for health and then helps track the achievement of the goals.

All the data is maintained in a PHR (Personal Healthcare Record). The Connected Care Collaborative Platform allows consumers to connect, collaborate with their care teams. Get patient and help transition from hospital help 24x7 through a Virtual connect.

The knowledge portal is an interactive repository that educates people around common problems, diseases, treatments, drugs.

Who Should I Go To?

It guides the consumer to the right providers for managing the problem. It connects the consumer to search for providers in the Provider Connect. They can see the providers visit their Micro Website, learn on their areas of competency, compare them and choose a provider to consult. Once they have taken this decision, it allows them to view their availability on their web calendar, fix appoints, prepare for the consult and take consult after they receive prescriptions, test, and health instructions. This is followed by the rating of provider experience.


How It Works?

Create A Health Profile: The consumer undertakes an assessment to determine his physiological health. This generates a report on your current health state and identifies the potential or lurking problems. It helps the identification of potential problems.

  • 1. Gaps in Primary and Secondary Care.
  • 2. Deficiency in Lifestyle and habits that impact on health.
  • 3. Identify the risk of chronic diseases
  • 4. Tools to manage chronic disease (NCDs).

Recommendations & Action Plans: The gaps identified in assessing health lead to the generating of personalized recommendation, action plans, and next steps. This helps a consumer to be aware of what is required to be done.

  • 1. Ensure proactive primary & secondary health interventions.
  • 2. Build risk reversal activities and tasks.
  • 3. Early detection and effective management of NCDs.
  • 4. Reduce / minimize / prevent hospital admission events.
  • 5. Medication Therapy Management
  • 6. Manage step down care and home care intervention.

What Value Does A Consumer Get?

I Have A Problem What Could This Be?

The Consumer Connect Triage function addresses precisely this question and helps a consumer by assisting him with knowing what is what is the potential cause of the disease is. It gives crisp curated information on the disease, its etiology, symptoms, and treatments, and medications. The medical emergencies library helps provides what you need to do.

Home Care Team: The system allows the user to have Personalized Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) support system where the partners (PCPs) act as collaborators with allied healthcare professional to:

  1. Proactively manage patient needs.
  2. Manage health conditions and address gaps in care.
  3. Identify healthcare needs requiring intervention.
  4. Triage patients to an appropriate healer (Specialist & Hospital) to manage the acute event.
  5. Manage the patient and help transition from hospital to Homecare.

Levers To Manage Health: The health conditions and gaps in health identified are followed by execution of the action plan found necessary by the treating care teams.

  1. Personal Health Record: A repository of medical records.
  2. Health Calendars: A calendar for each of the health activity.
  3. Consults Platform: Undertake the consults – Physical and online.
  4. Personal Care Network: Managed care by a personal care team
  5. Alerts and Activities: Real-time alerts and reminders.
  6. Create Goals & Task Lists: Prioritize action plans and build easy to understand self-paced goals for improvement of health. Visible to both consumers and care teams.
  7. Medication Therapy Management: e-Prescriptions, reminders, alert potential interactions and compliance of Drugs.
  8. Near real-time monitoring and tracking: Interactive tools to Manage & Monitor health activities and tasks.

Proactive Health Management Tools

Primary & Secondary Prevention: Clinical Screening, Immunizations and 360 Degree Health & Quality Of Life Assessments. Identification of Chronic disease risk & mitigation plans and pathways.

NCDs (Chronic Disease) Management: Covers life style disorders such as Obesity, Diabetes, Hypertension and CVD, COPD etc.

Mother and Child Health Tools: The focus is to proactively manage and improve the health of the mother and child.

  1. Preconception Guidance: Ready to Start a Family?
  2. Pregnancy Guidance: Guide & monitor the pregnancy through activities, assessments, reminder alerts and monitor the compliance.
  3. Infant & Children: Developmental Milestones, Clinical Screening and Immunization and proactive health checkups.

What Value It Delivers? (Outcome / Result)

Proactively manage gaps in care and disease risk:

  1. Primary and Secondary Prevention care gaps and plugs them thereby preventing the development of a disease.
  2. Identify risk factors for chronic disease and recommendations.
  3. Deliver personalized self-paced action plans to reverse the risk of disease.
  4. Assessments & Tests for early disease detection Chronic Disease. These have creeping onset and escapes early detection.
  5. Monitor, manage, treat and Control chronic disease. Reduce/ prevent hospitalizations.
  6. Reporting & Analytics provides a longitudinal view of patient records.

Favorable Outcome Improved compliance leads too disease control and reduction in emergency department visits and hospital admissions. Aka proactive steps to prevent the onset of disease.

Key Benefits and Value Drivers Include

  1. Increase Patient Engagement
  2. Streamlined and Standardized Clinical & Process Workflows
  3. Personalized monitoring and tracking of the care plans built for the patient.
  4. Professionally Monitored Managed Services via the Managed Care Packages.
  5. Reduce Costs through Customized, Evidence-Based Care Solutions, Health Programs
  6. Drive Adoption through ACTIVE WELLNESS Knowledge Library and Social Networks

Key Features Include

  1. A Robust, Connected Personal Health Record
    1. Detail of the health journey of the consumer
    2. Medical History Past & Present
    3. Family History
    4. Problem List
    5. Procedures History
    6. Laboratory Results
    7. Screening & Immunization Records
  2. Record Storage System
  3. Care Team Invitation and Permission System
  4. Secure Message Center
  5. Personal Health Calendar
  6. Health Dashboard
    1. Charts & Graphs
    2. Wellness and Health Trackers
  7. Medication Management Tools
    1. Medication Management
    2. Drug Interaction Checker and Alerts
  8. Homecare Management Offering
  9. Integrated Device System for remote data capture
  10. Interactive Rule-based Logic Health Programs
  11. Real-time Alerts and Notifications
  12. Wallet Cards and Reports
  13. Home Based monitoring & interactive E-consults.

Key Benefits Include

  1. Remotely Monitoring of health by a dedicated team
  2. Create Family Health Groups
  3. Groups Family Members’ Health
  4. Manage Personal and Family Health
  5. Care Team Messaging
  6. Accessible, Interactive Health Programs
  7. Simplifies Medication Adherence & Improves compliance and reduces medication errors.
  8. Time-Saving, Remotely Accessible Health Programs and iForms

Paid Subscription Packages

The consumer can select a package that suits his needs. By a simple evaluation of his help by way of an easy to use questionnaire the E-Doctor recommends what package is suitable. The subscription is of two types.

Self-Managed Package: The consumer has complete access to value-added services. Ideal for those who are healthy and want to proactively manage their health and prevent disease. Here the person can choose service and pay per use. Know more

Managed Care Packages: This is an ideal package for the following types of consumer:

  1. Those who are old and need support around managing their health.
  2. Those suffering from chronic disease (NCDs).

The consumer gets a care team to manage the person with care consults with the Care team bundled into it. Know more

Bundled Disease Packages: Depending on the health condition the consumer can select a bundled package of care. That covers Consultation, Tests and access to a Care Team. Contact Us

Test Packages: Routine healthcare screenings require Test to be done. The test packages that are available to order from. Get the tests done and consultants review free for every Package that is done. Know more

Home Care Services: Well, seniors and Elders need home care to manage them or their health conditions. There is a special solution that we offer for these persons. Contact Us


Consumer Sign Up

Free Membership

It is free to join become a registered member. You have the ability to upgrade your membership to the package that you select later. What you will get:

  • 1. You have a membership for life.
  • 2. Order Tests form the convenience of your home.
  • 3. Send prescription for fulfillment.
  • 4. Order Online Consults.

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