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Do you have a running Pharmacy store?

We are currently looking to partner with retail pharmacies for delivery of medicines & healthcare products.

If you are interested and own a retail pharmacy, please fill out the details.

Why partner with ActiveMED

Revenue Growth
Increase Revenue

You get to reach the consumer base of Active MED. Get prescriptions to fullfill and grow your business

Easy Processing

Easy order processing using our software.

Business Insights

Get meaningful information for improving operations, inventory forecasting, accounting in order to improve your overall business.

One-stop Healthcare

Opportunity to get into other healthcare services like diagnostics, healthcare products and become a one-stop-shop for all healthcare needs.

Get Listed on India's ONLY Healthcare Management Portal

A Simple 4 Step Process To Get Listed
  • 1. Submit your pharmacy details
  • 2. Provide License details and GSTIN details
  • 3. Sign the service agreement
  • 4. Training and go live
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How ActiveMED NXT works?

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Pack order as per customer’s request
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Track and settle the amount

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