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Patient Portal

Integrated Patient Scheduling, Demographics, Consults, EHR and Tracking system

PHR + EHR = Monitoring & Tracking = Collaborative Personalized Care + Improved Health Outcomes
Remote Monitoring

The Active Wellness Ecosystem empowers the delivery of advanced integrated community care. Our comprehensive suite of clinical and business support functions, facilitated by integrated technology systems, keeps your practice at the forefront of delivery that provides effective & efficient care, while enhancing the quality of life and financial security for clinicians. Local clinicians advance the science of care through collaboration with their peers and participation in our ActiveMD Connect Peer - to - Peer Network.

My Care Plus

Empowers Patients to Take a More Active Role in their Care and are a part of the decision process.

Active Wellness - My Care Plus is a patient portal designed to help practices interact with their patients:

Help Patients Better Understand their Condition & Care
Provide easy patient access to their care plan, health information and condition / medication / actions and goals anytime, anywhere.
A PHR that fully integrates with the EHR (ActiveMD Clinical)
Provides patients with secure online access to:

Clinical education: Knowledge resources on disease, treatments, drugs, medical emergencies and symptoms.

Comprehensive Care Plans:

  • Medications reminders & alerts
  • Tracking Allergies / Disease and medical conditions.
  • Lab orders and results
  • Prescription & Treatment Orders
  • Comprehensive real-time Monitoring & Tracking and alerts
  • Consumers forums for consumers to connect, discuss and share experiences.
  • Diagnostics preparation instructions and questions about lab results
  • Scheduling appointments and cancellations
  • Non-urgent medication questions
  • Understanding scheduled tasks
  • Monitoring & Tracking Goals set for patients

Increase Patient Bonding - Extend Care Beyond your Practice

  • Answer your patient's non-urgent questions with secure messaging.
  • Broadcast health messages to all of your patients.
  • Create Checklists for patients to see
  • Create goals and related tasks for your patients.
  • Look at the Gaps in Care and provide timely interventions.

The Communication Manager enables secure online messaging between your patients and your practice for non-urgent matters.

Patients can conveniently send messages regarding:
  • Diagnostics preparation instructions and questions about lab results
  • Scheduling appointments and cancellations
  • Answer Non-urgent medication questions
  • Review compliance and action on scheduled tasks
  • Monitoring & Tracking Goals set for patients
  • Engage Patients
  • Increase awareness of the benefits of using the patient portal. Ask your patients to join the system.

Patient Engagement

Enhance patient engagement and experience. Grow your practice.

Key Benefits
  • Increased patient bonding
  • Online transaction recording and review
  • Enhanced patient experience
  • Reduce Administrative costs
  • Increased Practice revenue

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