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Active Wellness Population Health Management Solution

Wellness, Prevention & Disease Management + Care Team = Increased Satisfaction + Lower Costs

Go Digital. Digital Healthcare is your driver for cost-effective quality of care.

Payer Plans are facing medical cost pressures and sagging customer satisfaction. If this is one your concerns and you are looking for innovative health benefits to address both these issues we have the solution. The ACTIVE WELLNESS "Total Health" is changing the healthcare landscape, ACTIVE WELLNESS provides PHM (Population Health Management) Solution that moves you from paying for sick care to providing healthcare and reducing sick care events. PHM solution helps you identify the covered population at risk or disease for providing proactive intervention for reducing costs and keeping the population healthy and increase customer satisfaction.

Active Wellness is the ONLY Player that provides a comprehensive care ECOSYSTEM that is poised to be the largest and fastest growing Preventive & Wellness and disease management Service Provider. It is the fastest growing market disruptors in the healthcare space that is making a positive impact.

Add Wellness, Prevention to your plan.

Our Offerings help you take a suite of services to your customers. Be the leader in offering proactive health to your customers. Active Wellness by using digital tools help you manage the health of your customers. It not only promotes health and manage disease but also prevent sick events aka "SICKCARE".

Add Risk reduction incentive to your plan.

Be the first to know your population at risk and plan for preventing sick events. We offer an easy way to incentivize your population to manage their health stratify them into risk categories and apply interventions to manage their illness. Knowing risk and planning to modify them leads to lowering of Medical Costs.

Add remote care to your plan.

Physician-Patient relationships and interactions occur more frequently thanks to the availability of remote care. Active Wellness through its ActiveMD Online Care partnership offers a national network of board-certified physicians that can provide a wrapper around your network to assist your members when they need physicians to help. Become ready to offer OUTPATIENT coverage, resolve access issues in rural areas, and provide an alternative to unnecessary urgent care and ER visits.

New products, technology-enabled services and the growth of Patient-Centered Medical Homes (PCMH) are driving the popularity of online care / telehealth as it quickly becomes an integral part of improved access and delivery of care. Providers can successfully evaluate, diagnose and treat patients 24/7/365, from anywhere, by live video or telephone.

We know health plans.

Compassionate Care
  • Differentiate from competitors be the early adopter which differentiates you from the competition.
  • Provide an alternative to urgent care and ER visits
  • Identify & target high utilizers with customized, proactive communications.
  • A health check is a qualified expense for tax. It overlays your plans with a health cover that prevents catastrophic events. We act as your PPO that act as gatekeepers to reduce preventable hospital admissions.
  • Incentivize your customers to remain healthy and avoid illness. Offer Risk Assessment and provide a dynamic premium for insurance covers.

The Benefits of adding Active Wellness

Gatekeeper To Manage Health Need

Keep the insured members healthy proactively manage their health and prevent them from going sick. We help provide monitoring and tracking solutions to improve compliance of medications — a structured approach to health and wellbeing.

Population Health Management

Target on your high-risk population and persons with existing conditions to reduce admission to hospitals, and urgent care / ER visits. We provide health risk assessment and stratification and interventions for reducing medical costs.

Improve access to care

With more members buying health insurance and flooding the healthcare system. Active Wellness supports your network and provides a network of providers to service your members. We manage, maintain and support the network at a fraction of the cost required to build and maintain your own network.

PHM IN a Box Solution

Active Wellness is a scalable PHM solution that has integrated PHR (Personal Health Records) with PMS (Provider Management System) and social networks. It provides all stakeholders with an integrated view on patient clinical data. Enables online scheduling, ePrescription, eTests, order management, and health monitoring & tracking capability, identify gaps in care etc.

Engage Members

The more your members use ACTIVE WELLNESS, the greater your ROI. Partner your members in their health journey. Engage Enable and Empower them with focused content. Run health campaigns. Enable Dynamic risk assessment of individuals risk and personalize pricing of Health Plan products.

Reduce cost

Plans are under increased pressure to manage both administrative and medical costs, Active Wellness provides an attractive option for cost-effective, proactive care. High-quality clinical care, It helps reduce hospital & ER admissions.

Be more competitive

Health plans give consumers more options. Active Wellness helps you differentiate your product offering from competitors.

Provider Networks

Active Wellness has partnered with ActiveMD to provide a national network of board-certified physicians. We have the flexibility to handle different network models to bring telehealth technology to your network at a scale that allows you access to a ready Provider network.

Active Wellness works for Managed Health and Assisted care.

Often, members will turn to the ER or urgent care center when their physician is unavailable, resulting in inappropriate use of costly medical care.

  • 84% of Senior visits were not urgent or emergent.
  • 23% of ER visits for children under the age of 15 were for minor conditions including respiratory, sore throat, and earaches.
  • Lack of access to a provider is reported as the number one reason for improper use of the ER.

Offering telehealth to members decreases nonessential ER and urgent care use, reducing your medical costs. Active Wellness is the first and largest provider of telehealth medical consults in India. We provide members with 24/7/365 access to a doctor through the convenience of a phone, mobile applications, and video consults.

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