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Independent physician / specialist practice/ Clinics, need to move from practicing long hours to practicing smart. Active Wellness Ecosystem is a comprehensive solution that enables Physicians to keep up to date with the latest medical advances. Manage patients through Assessment and Diagnostic Tools, Treatment Guidelines and Clinical Care Pathways at Point Of Care. A unique PHR - EHR interface allows a seamless interface with patients, create "Care Plans" instead of a focus on "Treatment Plans." The integrated platform connects patients to Physicians and Care Teams can be challenging from time management and communication ease standpoint. The Active Wellness Ecosystem enables you to stay on top of all three and use them to provide the most effective care and experience to your patients. 

The Active Wellness Provider Portal allows easy access to evidence-based clinical decision guidelines and clinical care pathways. The PHR-EHR interface allows patients to take periodic assessments and you get to view the results and create interventions / tasks. Also, it enables 24x7 anywhere any time practice to access patients details through a Practice Management System. Makes registration, scheduling and consults easy through a comprehensive set of clinical & administrative tools.

  • Assess and diagnose patients health & risk states.
  • Send and receive laboratory and imaging test results.
  • Simplify clinical documentation.
  • Order medications and test.
  • Create Goals and add tasks for patients.
  • Develop treatment and Care plans, for total health.
  • Assess and manage patients' chronic medical conditions and
  • Coordinated collaborative care with multifunctional care teams.

Active Wellness solutions - PMS is an array of powerful tools that are customizable and scalable. They apply to all practices, whether you're a solo practitioner in single-specialty practice like primary care, or a specialist in a large single- or multispecialty groups like radiology or pathology.

Active Wellness is a data-driven patient-centric clinical care solution that through, easy to use. Workflows enhances your practice's ability to provide high-quality and safe care to your patients by simplifying complex clinical decision-making and documentation processes. It also allows you to delegate activities to care team members and receive escalation's when there is a gap in care or change in the health conditions and allows providers to adjust/modify the care plans for optimum health benefits to patients.

Evidence-Based Decision Support

The Physician has instant access to the Treatment & Care Guidelines that will help evidence based Care, consistent quality and patient outcomes. Read On Clinical Pathway

Patient Care Solutions
  • Health Primary & Secondary Management
  • Chronic Disease Management
  • Homecare Services
  • Patient Access
  • Provider Networks
Practice Management Solutions
  • 24x 7 anywhere any time practice
  • Appointment & Scheduling
  • Consults - Clinics & Virtual
  • Patient Access & Management
  • Comprehensive Order Sets
  • Medication Therapy Management
  • Comprehensive Care plans
  • Monitoring & Tracking
  • Real-time communication within the network
Technology Solutions
  • Provider Portal
  • Patient Portal
  • Communication Manager
  • Practice Management System
  • Electronic Health Record

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