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Practice Management Solutions - Specialty

ActiveMD - Clinical Specialty Health provides industry-leading medical practice management technologies that help physician offices maximize efficiencies.

Patient Portal Connect + ActiveMD Clinical = Enhanced Referrals + Increased Practice

Advanced Technology Suite

Our deep understanding of specialist practice needs coupled with technology, and our unique partnership with clinicians gives us the perspective of walking in their shoes—which no one else can replicate. Specialty Specific Solutions for Chronic disease management Total Health -specific EHR is an example of our technology leadership.

Developed in collaboration with clinician's the ActiveMD Clinical is a powerful electronic health record (EHR) that delivers secure web-based, mobile-optimized access to patient charts, comprehensive point-of-care treatment decision support integrated into the EHR at the place of recording data. It helps specialists operate more efficiently, boost financial performance and enhance patient safety. ActiveMD Clinical Plus is a Generation 2 software that offers fast, easy sharing across the spectrum of care with other practice systems through use of a Cloud based secure access, best-in-class care coordination across care settings which improves practice efficiency and productivity.

ActiveMD Care Guidelines

This is a support tool for physicians that highlights evidence-based treatment guidelines and provides clinical therapeutic information at the point of care.

Active Wellness Patient Portal

The patient portal enables practices that use ActiveMD Clinical to enhance relationships with patients by providing more efficient communication via secure online access to their clinical information. Patients can view their personal health record (PHR) and interact with your practice via an easy-to-navigate, customized portal account, allowing for a better understanding of and more active role in their health management.

Practice Insights

Practice Insights is a powerful analytics tool that helps practices gain insights from your data in order to drive better outcomes for your patients and your practice.

Innovative Home Care Services

Innovative & Extended Home care services allows you to manage your patients at home. The Extended care team concept allows you to expand the reach of your practice.

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