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Combine AI with Clinical Expertise.

Improved Outcomes & Reduced Costs for Patients.


Care Plans & Medications Optimized for each individual.


Provide timely interventions, and avoid potentially harmful consequences of non-optimized care.


Provide evidence-based care to patients to improve clinical outcomes.


of hospital readmissions driven by adverse drug events.

2.7 M

admissions in US every year due to Adverse Drug Events related to medications.


increased hospitalisation risk for those older than 65 yrs.

Personalized Medication Management

Active Wellness Solutions

ACTIVEWELLNESS - Total Health Solution integrates Comprehensive Medication Management through ActiveMED. We help optimize medication therapy to ensure timely, appropriate treatment for each patient's health journey through prevention and disease management.

Medication Management

A medication management focus that Transforms care from a tactical prescription to 360 degree care that improves outcomes Read More...

High-Risk Patient Management

The Total Care approach stratifies risk based on the clinical, social, mental, and behavioral dimensions to identify key gaps in care and create personalized continuity of care plans.

Quality Improvement Programs

The Active wellness platform connects patients, providers, caregivers pharmacies, labs and managed services to ensure maximal improvement at minimal costs.

Provider/Prescriber Analytics

A continuous ongoing analysis of treatment and prescription starting at the patient level and going across your entire network. Enables Delivery of gold-standard, evidence-based care plans and therapeutic guidance at a single click.

Shared Medical Knowledge

How We Drive Results

Active Wellness - ActiveMED helps health plans and providers reduce patient hospitalizations, improve quality scores, and increase ROI. Here's how we do it:

Interventions that make a difference

ActiveMED is part of a healthcare ecosystem that identifies low touch, high impact proactive & reactive patient interventions your care team can make to drive quality, clinical and economic outcomes.

A.I.-Driven Whole Person Care

ActiveMED analyzes multidimensional social, behavioral, mental and physical health clinical data to deliver effective, personalized, evidence-based medication management and care.

End-to-End Medication Management

We help close the loop with care teams to confirm recommendations are implemented, ensuring members are receiving the best possible care.

Customizable Solutions

Customizing medication management for your patients / enrolled members’ needs. We work closely with you to define the goals and metrics for success.

Meet Your Virtual Pharmacist

ActiveMED medication engine identifies gaps in care and assists care teams to review & resolve them & deliver precision, personalized patient centric care plans for every patient.

ActiveMED proactively monitors, tracks, alerts, escalates gaps in care. Continuous analysis of medication data and medical conditions detects, flags, and prioritize issues.

The treating clinicians can review ActiveMED alerts & undertake proposed care plan changes, and deliver tailored, actionable insights to patients, and their care teams.

While the clinicians focus on proactive Sick care of patients, ActiveMED continuously measures the clinical and economic impact of its recommendations on care plans, using actual cost and utilization data to demonstrate ROI and impact.

Who We Are

We are a team of healthcare professionals.

ActiveMED a part of Active Wellness because we believe that the best care comes from monitoring and delivering the drug related information for the best possible clinical outcomes to all stakeholders.

We work towards moving the care paradigm from sick care to proactive elective care improving the health and of patients and thereby their families by removing the confusion, complications and complexity associated with the everyday health care experience.

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