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Reduced Clinical Variation Leads To Better Health

Workflows + Point Of Care Tools = Improved Outcomes

Key Highlights

  • Access over 100 clinical protocols to guide care management discussions
  • Track care management effectiveness on improved outcomes
  • Provide full transparency in care management activities
  • Trigger alerts for risks, potential care opportunities, and high-risk/high-dollar conditions
  • Aggregate and analyze vast amounts of disparate healthcare data

The Active Wellness Ecosystem allows sharing of health information among the entire care team, by integrating protocols for prevention, chronic disease mental health and quality of life for enabling seamless collaboration.

Your Business Challenge

Healthcare system’s approach is to reduce the strain on already overburdened primary care physicians, and evolve chronic and preventive care. The new care teams must become a high-performing, collaborative group of physicians, specialists, nurses, and others accountable for the health of the population. To make this work, the care teams need advanced automation that includes a platform with evidence-based clinical workflows, real-time patient communications, and alerts and reports and gaps in care —to enable providers to focus on activities and interactions driving better outcomes. The new care teams need to move from treatment plans to Care plans.

What We Offer

Active Wellness Provider Portal is a web-based medical management software application that supports medical management interventions for population health management and leads to outcomes Optimization. Our approach facilitates a team approach among the patient, primary care physician, and the care managers, as well as other medical team members. When combined with Active Wellness Participant Portal and stakeholders can communicate securely to ensure that care is appropriately coordinated. Analytics helps improve outcomes, enhance health and lower costs, integrated with the Active Wellness Population Health Analytics —to provide actionable information. This includes among others:

Active Wellness Participant Portal includes:

  • Clinical data and patient history.
  • Population data based on disease state.
  • Risk stratification.
  • High resource utilization data to find at-risk patients.
  • Lab results including at-risk lab alerts.
  • Health risk assessment results.
  • Goals setting and tracking.
  • Real-time tracking & monitoring.
  • Financial metrics.
  • Online communication among the care team.
  • Complete and consolidated view of problem areas.
  • Access patient episodes of care, referrals, and hospital admission.
  • Secure messaging directly from the EMR system.

How We’re Different

We have a unified Whole of Life Care solution that manages health across the complete life span. This has integrated Primacy prevention (screenings & Immunization) assessing & identifying risk factors to prevent disease. This is coupled with robust case management, disease management, and health utilization management, and are designated for transitions of care.*

Advanced user-friendly web portals and dashboards

Customized dashboards give insights to providers and health plan administrators. They have insights into real-time clinical and financial data to manage their individual and population goals. The consumer portals empower consumers with advanced tools that help in improving their health.

Focus on accountability and outcomes

Through extensive clinical protocols, real-time data empowers the entire care team to focus on results. The Population Health AI tools make it easy to track the progress of specific interventions, manage consumer issues, and drive future reporting Scripts are also provided to care managers to help with fact-based and caring conversations.

Supports national evidence-based medicine (EBM) guidelines

Active Wellness Health supports all levels of medical management interventions, including case management, utilization review, and disease management. We integrate evidence-based medicine and clinical protocols and condition-specific clinical guidelines from the National Guidelines Clearinghouse, Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, Medline and other professional societies.


Our platform helps reduce costs, improves health and leads to better productivity reduced costs. It consistently keeps costs down by effective management of those who are at higher risk or suffering from chronic disease.

Active Wellness Ecosystem provides the means to manage the health of populations, use of such systems can lead organizations to experience up to a 4:1 ROI for each dollar invested and either a static or substantially lower increase in healthcare costs year-over-year.

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