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What Is Partner And Healer Connect?

The PROVIDER CONNECT is a network of PARTNERS & HEALERS (Providers, Specialists, Clinics, Hospitals, Diagnostics and Allied Healthcare professionals). They form a protective network around the consumer.

The network allows the various stake holders in the Prevention and Management of Medical Conditions to come on a Single Platform to deliver health services to consumers.

The Healthcare Professional - Partners (Personal & Extended Care Team) have access to the patient record and can provide interactive 24x 7 anywhere anytime healthcare.

The Health Care Professional- Healers (Intensivists, Specialists, and Clinics & Hospitals) can deliver better personalized collaborative patient care when they have access to complete PHR and can expand access of their services and optimize their practice efficiency.

The Health Care Professional- Component Provider, can get access to the patient PHR to give a better interpretation of the test results. This allows them to deliver accurate reports and to expand access to their services and to optimize precision and accuracy. Providers Services


How Is Value Delivered?

Partners: Primary Care Physicians

The primary care physicians are the primary contact of patients. Physicians (Allopathic & Alternative System of Medicine) form a part of the care team. They can on-board the Healthcare Ecosystem and provide healthcare to the consumers.
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Healers: Specialist, Clinics and Hospitals

The Healers provide interventions when episodes of Sick Care. This care is usually done by interventionist in the Clinic and Hospital settings. Usually, these are acute events that require acute event interventions.

Specialists are experts & Intensivists who provide patients with interventions to manage acute and complex events. They operate independently or within Clinics and Hospitals. They can on-board the Healthcare Ecosystem and provide healthcare to the consumers. View More...

Clinics & Hospitals

The Clinics and Hospitals are facilities where inpatient services are provided. The hospitals who are on the system are visible to the consumers who are on the network. These institutions gain visibility and can show there care expertise and also experienced specialists that are on the facilities rolls. Consumers can see and rate the institutions. The institutions can display their competencies and key interventions. Those institutions who have boarded have their specialties and procedures visible to those needing acute and emergency care - thus increasing patient flow. Sign in to Know more...

Allied Healthcare Professionals

Physiotherapists, Dieticians, Nutritionist, Counsellors, and Nurses who onboard the health care ecosystem can grow their practice independently. They can onboard the Healthcare Ecosystem and become a part of the Care Teams of patients. They can onboard the Healthcare Ecosystem and provide healthcare to the consumers
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Component Provider

Diagnostic Labs – Pathology & Radio diagnostics:

Component Providers such as Diagnostic Labs and Pharmacies are a part of the Ecosystem. This allows the patients to send requests for tests online and they will get full filled.


What You Get?

The platform allows seamless access to the following functions and Activities.

  1. SOCIAL NETWORK: The social network allows the consumers and physicians to join communities of their interest to share experiences, advance knowledge and build a support system that enhances not only their health but the collective health of the community. Go to Demo...
    1. As A Provider/ Specialist: You get to publish details of yourself, your areas of expertise, practice competency, and key areas of specialization and practice. Publish the details of Patients helped, successful treatments done, and your practice locations. Publish your Web calendar for patients to make appointments seamlessly. Have the ability to accept / reschedule your appointments. It is your choice to accept or reject consults. View More...
    2. As A Clinic: You get to have the ability to manage the calendar and clinic locations and publish the calendars of your Physicians.
    3. As A Hospital: Patients need interventions and at time admissions. They would need the help of Intensivists to manage acute exacerbation. They would need to select the hospital to go to for management. You get to have a presence in the Care Ecosystem that will act as a recall for the consumers.
  3. PRACTICE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM: A complete set of tools and predefined workflows that will allow the access to, the creation of order sets to manage the Total Health Management of the Patients.
  4. E-CONSULTS: Receive patient Consults for Clinic and Online Visits.
  5. GET RATED: Let patients and colleagues rate you for all to see.
  6. INCREASE YOUR VIRTUAL PRACTICE: From the comfort of your home. Your patients can consult at the time of your convenience. If you want to add practice to your hospital routine, this is ideal for home practice after working hours.

Key Benefits

What It Does?

Provider Connect provides access to credentialed and authorized Care Team to interact and exchange information in real-time across the continuum of care with their patients.

This provides a shift from the event-driven Sick Care management to Proactive Prevention of Disease and improvement of health state.

Key Features Of Provider Connect

  1. Aggregated view of - Personal Health Record
  2. Clinical Collaboration: - Between Kin Care & Health Care Teams
  3. Record sharing with authorized persons.
  4. Social Networking:
    1. With Providers – A Provider Only community
    2. With Consumers
  5. Health, Quality of Life, Chronic Disease Assessment and generation:
    1. Score Card
    2. Personalized recommendations and action plans.
  6. Health, Wellness and Lifestyle Management Tools.
  7. Triage Dashboard of Patient Data
  8. Secure Messaging Center
  9. Medication Reconciliation Tools & Medication Therapy Medication.
  10. Point-of-Care Clinical Decision Support System & Tools.
  11. Easy to use Process Workflow
  12. Personal Calendar & Message Center
  13. Alerts and Notifications

Key Benefits and Value Drivers for Providers Include

  1. Increase Visibility among Patient.
  2. Engagement and bonding with Patients.
  3. Streamlined and Standardized Clinical & Process Workflows
  4. Personalized Monitoring and Tracking of the care plans and tasks for the patient.
  5. Professionally Monitored Managed Services via the Care Management Portal
  6. Reduce Costs through Customized, Evidence-Based Care Solutions and Health Programs
  7. Increased Patient Flow.
  8. Drive Adoption through ACTIVE WELLNESS Engage and Social Networks

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