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Our Care Teams

Comprehensive Care Teams Deliver Coordinated Care

Personal Care Team = Doctor + Allied Health Professional + Specialist + Care Coordinator + Pharmacist

Our ActiveMD care network provides a comprehensive set of Care Team Members that work to deliever Comprehensive, coordinated care for our subscribers.

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We build a circle of health around the patient. We build personal care teams that have both primary care doctors and specialists who work review your health state and condition from time to time. Make physical and virtual home visits, and chart your Care plans. They in an association of allied healthcare professionals help deliver proactive care to keep you healthy and event free. They are supported by the Active Wellness Technology platform to deliver the best in Class care.

Nursing Care

Compassionate & effective home care is our goal. Nurses are responsible for undertaking medical procedures, manage safety and aid recovery of patients from both acute and chronic health issues. In-home nurses help deliever these needs and more, by integrating him or herself into your family. He/ she has access to your Care team to whom she can reach out if required. She can access your Care records, update them monitor and record your progress, inform doctors of any change in the patients' conditions that require adjustment of the care plans. They are the eyes and ears of your care team.


Your mobility and Independence is our goal. Our physiotherapists conduct the session at home. They can assess, diagnose, develop a therapy plan that is suited to the patients' care needs. They work in coordination with the Personal Care Team. Duration of a physiotherapy session is usually an hour; this depends on the criticality of the problem. Our clinical teams help plan both basic and advanced movement exercises aimed at improving the patient’s mobility.

Trained Homecare Aides

Your partner in assisted care: Active Wellness trained attendants provide long-term or short-term care to your loved ones at home comforts and under the supervision of senior doctors and nurses.


Safe & Effective Medication is their goal. We have qualified Pharmacists and Pharmacologists that undertake periodic reviews of your medication and review the efficient, effective, adequate, and appropriate medications being taken by the patient. Prevent drug interactions and adverse effects. They assure you that you are taking the right medicine and the right time and do not have and medication-related adverse events.


Healthy Diet is the start point for health. Our dieticians are trained dieticians. They have extensive experience in building healthy diets for you based upon your choices and preferences and still ensure that the diet is healthy and nutritious. A healthy diet is the basis of a healthy mind and a healthy body.

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