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Care Management

Care Management

What Is It?

This is care teams interface to get a complete view of the patient health, and diseases. His treatments, gaps in care, goals and dashboard of health trends.

The Care Management system connects and brings together a connected collaborative patient centric environment to delivery interventions on health, wellness and disease management.

The encounters between the four principle stake holders are available for episodes of care. Here the Consumers (patients & health conscious persons) encounters with Component Providers (Pathology & Radiology Labs, Pharmacies, Drug Companies), Healers (Hospitals and specialists) and Partners (Primary Care givers and the Care Team) are recorded and visible.

Who have Patient Record access?

Only the care team has access to the patient records. This access will get stopped when the person is removed from the Care Network of the patient.

The Partners (Personal Care & Extended Care Team) have access to the patient record and can provide a 360 Degree health.

The Healers deliver better personalized interventions to patients and can collaborate and coordinate care with the Primary care teams.

The Component Provider get access to the patient record to give a better interpretation of the test results. This allows them to deliver accurate reports and to expand access to their services and to optimize precision and accuracy.


How It Works?

This Portal provides credentialed and authorized persons from the Care Team to interact and exchange information in real-time across the care continuum. This provides proactive continuous care and not event-driven Sick Care. The Focus is the proactive prevention of disease and improving of health state.

The key differentiator is focus on the health risk profiling to identify gaps in care and provide personalized interventions for

  • - Promoting health.
  • - Identifying and reversing risk.
  • - Early disease detection and management.
  • - Collaborative anywhere anytime health framework.
  • - Robust tracking & monitoring system.

Key Features Include

  1. Aggregated view of - Personal Health Record
  2. Clinical Collaboration: - Between Care Teams
  3. Record sharing with authorized persons.
  4. Social Networking:
    1. With Providers – A Provider Only community
    2. With Consumers
  5. Health Risk assessment and generation of the personalized patient-centric plan.
  6. Health, Wellness and Lifestyle management tools.
  7. Triage Dashboard of Patient Data
  8. Secure Messaging Center
  9. Personal Health Record
  10. Medication Reconciliation Tools & Medication Therapy Medication.
  11. Point-of-Care Clinical Decision Support System & Tools.
  12. Easy to use Process Workflow
  13. Personal Calendar & Message Center
  14. Alerts and Notifications

Key Benefits Include

  1. Increase Patient Engagement
  2. Streamlined and Standardize Workflows
  3. Personalized monitoring and tracking of the care plans built for the patient.
  4. Provide Online, Professionally Monitored Services via the Care Management Portal
  5. Reduce Costs through Customized, Evidence-Based Care Solutions, Health Programs
  6. Drive Adoption through ACTIVE WELLNESS Social Networks

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