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Care Teams Build Total Care Plans Not Just Treatment Plans

Holistic Health = Care Plans ( Wellness + Prevention + Risk & Disease Management)
Virtual Connected Care

Active Wellness helps provider / provider organizations achieve their Top Priority to deliver high-quality, effective and safe care to their patients. To achieve this, the patient care moves from transactional "Treatment Plans" to "Total Care Plans" to deliver value-based care. This is a necessity to improve the patient experience at patient access. Active Wellness suite of patient care is an integrated care solution that enables providers to deliver optimum care at every point along the care continuum to their patients.

Active Wellness Total Health Solution is a comprehensive clinical care solution to cover the full range of medical and health services needed by your patients.

The range of services extends from prevention and wellness to risk identification and reversal and early chronic disease detection and management supplements by a proactive management of acute medical or surgical interventions to post-hospitalization and post-operative rehabilitation.

The integrated Patient Access system and outreach services are delivered through a shared services center: patient payment framework improving cash flow and the overall patient experience. Reduce provider receivables and keep track of the healthcare transactions.

Active Wellness Ecosystem is an integrated Evidenced-based, data-driven clinical decision support system where Clinical Pathways are accessible at the point of care. An integrated PHR - EHR Ecosystem helps patients record their health concerns that are available to the Care teams to review and act upon. The PHR (Personal Health Record) interface allows patients to take assessments, get alerts and action items that are based on their Health Goals and Tasks. The Physicians can track the actions and identify the Gaps in Care to provide proactive intervention. The integrated Tools allow physicians to write prescriptions, give test orders and define tasks that a patient needs to undertake. The view of all the tests results and history allows the Physician to make an accurate diagnosis, determine/ modify treatment regimens & care plans and track and monitor clinical outcomes.

We also offer a full range of engagement tools that connect you to your patients and other providers to promote the continuity and coordination of care, whether it's remote monitoring, telemedicine, direct-to-patient delivery. The Patient Portal allows your patients to connect and communicate with you.

Active Wellness enables you to have access to the industry most sophisticated and comprehensive sets of connected collaborative range of clinical, administrative and engagement tools required to provide the best-connected care to your patients. We help you improve and enhance patients experience and thereby increase loyalty to you.

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