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Chronic Care Management Services

Chronic Care = Cross Functional Team Care + Home Care + Managed Care

Comprehensive Care Plans + Monitoring & Tracking = Reduced Hospital Events + Improved Patient Experience

Understanding Chronic Care Management:

Non-Communicable Diseases

The Active Wellness Chronic Care Program is a new way for physicians and practices to enhance their offerings. This helps providers to have an annuity stream through patient management fees. Allows Physicians both Primary Care & Specialist to build their practice. You become a part of the network. Increase visibility inpatient community and Increase Patient flow when you opt for the ActiveMD Clinical services. Have an extended team that supports your patients. This comprises of Care Managers, Care Coordinators, and Allied Healthcare Professionals. These are available to your patients when they sign up for managed care services. These monitor and track patients and follow clinical orders and escalate care concerns to the providers in the care teams.

By signing up to be made a part of the Care Delivery teams you get a complete infrastructure and the ability to work with care teams and we can show how you or your practice can offer non-face-to-face care coordination services to help improve outcomes, enhance the patient experience and increase your revenues by being a part of these care teams.

Improve Quality of Care and Increase Reimbursement with Chronic Care Management Programs

Expense Analysis worldwide reveal that approximately 90% of a nation’s total Health spend on consumers / patients have multiple chronic conditions. These conditions we to a major part preventable but due to inadequate health management have become expensive cost centers. As the population ages, physician practices face the challenge of improving the quality of care for chronically ill patients while containing costs.

The Active Wellness Chronic Care Program , physicians, can participate and be paid for providing non-face-to-face care coordination services to eligible patients with multiple chronic conditions. These consist of creating Personalized Care Plan. The program requires the Providers to have a given number of touch points with the patients. They will participate in collaborative and continuous care. The compliance with the program’s and care plan requirements is done by a support team that works like your own team. You extend your practice without investments in additional staff and technology. Active Wellness shared services provides the technology and infrastructure to help serve your patients better.

Optimize Practice Revenue and Help Offset the Rising Costs of Healthcare - Increase Revenue without Costs.

With Active Wellness Chronic Care Management Services, we can help you improve patient engagement and quality of care while getting paid for the services you are providing. Our Chronic Care packages ensure that you get your clinical and care plan development fees. You capture additional revenue as a Physician on a Care Team that you might have otherwise missed - all with no upfront costs.

Active Wellness Chronic Care Management helps physician practices to be a part of the Managed Care Services where they actively participate in the Chronic Care Delivery as part of a Care team. The Managed Chronic Care program is designed to support and improve patient outcomes in outpatient settings and drive revenue without increasing staff or adding significant costs. With Active Wellness Chronic Care Management Services, our patient-centric teams provide comprehensive care coordination that helps advance the support to Chronically ill patients.


Chronic Care Management: Onboarding your Patients helps you manage and retain your patients.

Active Wellness Allows you to onboard your patients. A simple trigger from you to your patient will allow him to enroll for your services. You can recommend the service package. They will continue to be your patients. Specialists required for Care interventions will be made available form the ActiveMD Online Care network. You can also suggest Extended / home care services for your patients. These can be extended to them in a hassle-free manner.

Chronic Care Management: Another Step in the Journey to Move from Treatment Plans to Care Plans.

Active Wellness Chronic Care Management Services is just one way you can start to move from Treatment Plans to Care Plans that deliver Total Health to the patients and communities and transition from volume to value. Additional services are in the offing and will be shared shortly. This helps hospitals and physicians assess and build the most effective Total Care Plans for their patients supported by a comprehensive set of tools.

Our step-by-step approach helps you build and manage effective provider networks combined with fixed Care Packages to help control costs and generate revenue. Regardless of where you and what is your size Active Wellness is there for you.

Key Features of Active Wellness Chronic Care Management Services:
Key Features of Active Wellness Solutions help you
  • Patient outreach
  • Personalized care management and Wellness & preventative care services
  • Patient-centered care plans
  • Medication management
  • Real-time data accessible 24/7 to monitor enrolled patients
  • A Clinical Support team to work with you to deliver comprehensive Care
Key Benefits of Active Wellness Chronic Care Management Services:
Key Benefits of Active Wellness Solutions help you
  • Improve quality of care
  • Improve Patient experience and retention
  • Optimize and add new revenue streams
  • Improve the patient experience and increase stickiness
  • Reduce Hospital Visits
  • Compress adverse events to the last ten years of life

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