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Practising Real World Medicine


Physicians are pressed for time. Read articles, post, solve cases remain up-to-date.



A Secure, PROVIDER ONLY LOUNGE. Network with peers. Connect with specialist and thought leaders.



Real world medicine is complex complicated & messy. Collaborate with peers in solving cases.



Earn H-Points and rewards. Get recognised in the community. Earn CME credits.


Provider Social Lounge

Provider Care

What Is ActiveMD?

ActiveMD, is a closed community, exclusively for doctors. It Brings Healthcare Professionals on a common platform.

It consists of

  • A social lounge called “ActiveMD Connect” a community lounge by the Physicians for the physicians.
    This is free for Physicians to join. Click To Read on Health Issues
  • A Practice Management System called “ActiveMD Clinical”

“Connect” is the new normal for providers interaction and communication.

  • - It is the place to talk real world medicine with peers.
  • - It is a virtual lounge for doctors.
  • - It is the meeting place for medical minds and hearts.
  • - It is the physician’s voice for transforming healthcare.

“Over 33% of healthcare professionals, aka Physicians, prefer social networks that are focused on the healthcare needs of professionals over open forums.”

This is a lounge for doctors that goes beyond friendship. It allows doctors to get much needed clinical advice from their peers, which in turn improves patient care, saves lives, and needless to say, saves healthcare costs.

Separates Professional & Personal Life

Physicians can now separate personal and professional lives. A professional forum that allows doctors to communicate quickly, securely, easily, and broadly. These communications have a strong focus on professional healthcare networking and associated nuances. The open media is for private discussions.

Remote Care Review

ActiveMD Connect - A Lounge for Doctors

Doctors / Physicians have always yearned to hang out with fellow physicians, colleagues and peers to share medical knowledge & experiences. Doctors by sharing of experience are driving better quality of care.

Doctors are some of the busiest people around. ActiveMD allows doctors to make virtually instantaneous connections with providers which is invaluable:

  • Enables providers to get curated content and Learn on the go.
  • Get peer help in solving complex medical situations.
  • Access to Experts around the world.
  • Designed exclusively for physicians.
  • Doctors crowdsource insights and collaborate to solve patient cases and share medical topics to improve healthcare delivery and patient outcomes.
  • ActiveMD, physicians can participate in market research studies.
  • Anonymous post allows providers to feel safe to express their thoughts.
  • Provider communities can amplify messages, allow rapid dissemination, and increase engagement.

"Members have access to a large global network of physician population to participate in discussion on any healthcare topic in an open and collaborative environment. On a typical patient case, this can easily result in years of combined medical education and experience collectively looking at the individual patient case within hours at zero cost."
says Dr. Bhupinder Singh MD, MPH and CEO of ActiveMD.

ActiveMD “Connect” - Facilitates Provider Interactions

Easy & Secure Communication between medical professionals.

  • Ask questions to peers regarding patient care
  • Medical opinion polls around medical issues.
  • Share information, opinions, observations, and more.
  • Help patients as a part of Social Health Responsibility.
  • Partake in quizzes and challenges.
  • Collaborate & discuss real-world medical problems in the practice of medicine.
  • Earn CME credits by reading medical journal articles through this site.
  • Enable professional networking. Create your network and connect with them.
  • Read short articles around the new developments in their areas of special interest.
  • Join Specialty Groups & Follow Experts in areas of expertise & interest. Help expand the knowledge base for all.
  • Remotely located? Do not worry. Image challenges allow healthcare providers to share anonymous images of an ailment, e.g. x-rays, ECGs etc.
    and get help from peers

41% physicians, on social networking, have reported receiving a friend request from a patient or a patient’s family member. Connect through Active Wellness.

"There's a certain distance doctors need to maintain from patients -- both legally and for their own sanity. Even a friend relationship [on Facebook] can be considered a privacy violation. Separate Professional & Personal life" ActiveMD CEO Bhupinder Grewal said in a talk.

ActiveMD - Empowers Physicians

A learning and knowledge sharing experience with doctors on real-world medical conditions in medical practice. Physicians can

  • Read articles & Posts by experts.
  • Pose Queries & get peer advice.
  • Participate in Image Challenges and Quiz.
  • Crowdsourcing diagnosis in the complex case through polls. Help Solve cases.
  • Create your care networks.
  • Remain up-to-date earn CME credits.
  • Facing a complex medical situation with a patient? Post case details and let the Physician community experience to assist you.

ActiveMD Connect is easy to start 3 step processes

Step 1

Signup & Build a Profile

Physicians can build profiles and share their expertise. The profiles are visible to both peers and consumers. Your profile will show up to providers when they search for treatments and physicians for their problems.

Step 2

Join a Specialty Forum or follow a topic

Can create closed care team networks which will allow communication around areas of interest and making easy referrals.

Step 3

Start Connecting & Posting

Register for free and get started with reading and posting your thoughts. HIPAA-compliant secure one-to-one messages within provider groups.

Is Expanding Your Practice A Need

Expand your Practice:

Extend your visibility to patient communities; manage your practice through a robust Practice management system. Get patients to fix appointments, Become a member of the Care Teams for the consumers on Active Wellness. Subscribe to ActiveMD Clinical Show Packages.

ActiveMD Solve

Doctor collaborate to solve medical situations at ActiveMD Solve

It is a known fact that what is learned in medical schools in often not reflective of the varied presentations of the disease. These clinical variations in the Real-world require experience.

Participate in move knowledge from local silos of excellence and help create a global center of excellence. The Faculty and experts bring a wealth of knowledge to share within the community.

ActiveMD Solve is working to build a living, breathing, evolving and searchable medical knowledge bank of cases and solutions.

Complex Disease States & Multispeciality Needs

Clinical presentation of medical problems can be complex, complicated and messy. It is solving such problems that require multi-specialty solutions. Reach out to the specialists and use their inputs to determine a comprehensive care plan.

ActiveMD, at the touch of a button, enables doctors can post real life cases and ask for help from peers. That’s medical crowdsourcing, and help revolutionize real-world medicine.

ActiveMD Connect is an innovative and unique medical crowdsourcing platform that allows physicians to harness the power of the combined wisdom the medical community enables doctors to collectively solve tough cases and get help with diagnoses.

Dialogue without Fear: Physicians can dialogue without fear of repercussions. They can ask for help, share knowledge, admit mistakes -- and together advance the universe of medical knowledge.

ActiveMD Learn

Real Conversations about Clinical Interest Areas

This clinician-centered site, the conversation can and does go in many directions.

Clinicians can share the day-to-day feelings on being a doctor from the good days to the bad days. Our social community is a place of share, support and grow medical awareness. It is a place to vent concerns and a place to learn on the go.

Our Conversations

  • Dominantly clinical in nature
  • Provide insightful options for practice and case management
  • Allow peer-to-peer discussions on the latest research and patient care applications
  • Allow physicians to share and collaborate on tough cases across specialties of interest
  • Allow hospital physicians to connect free from fear of administrative oversights

Our provider community is dynamic, supportive and often funny, but when they begin talking medicine it’s all business. We invite physicians (and only physicians) to join ActiveMD Connect and participate in a healthy medical conversation. Join now and be a part of transforming healthcare.

Join us right now and be part of the conversation.

Anonymous & Secure Conversation is important for free & frank discussions. Decide how you want to communicate with your real identity or anonymously.

Virtual Physician

Within ActiveMD , doctors are free to talk openly with other doctors or physicians about each and everything that is important to them, from the business to the practice of medicine. It is a safe, fun, and relaxing place where doctors can be anonymous and speak without fear of consequences. No other physician community provides such anonymity, making us a unique social community for frank and frank conversations.

ACTIVEMD SOLVE - medical diagnosis via crowdsourcing.

Doctors ask real-life medical issues and get real-life responses from hundreds of their peers.

ACTIVEMD is a living, breathing, evolving medical knowledge bank.

Enable doctors to review clinical situations and collectively solve tough cases and suggest treatment plans. They do this solely for fun and passion of practicing medicine, and to help and support their peers.

How To Use ActiveMD

CONNECT & COLLABORATE: Connect Communicate and collaborate with your peers around the world in our borderless environment.

Interact with doctors from over 50 specialties and subspecialties. Feel comfortable in having honest and open conversations around the practice of medicine in your area of interest. Ask specialists / experts on treatment options or just share your daily thoughts. Become an ACTIVEMD Ambassador to gain key opinion leader status. Do it anonymously if you like. Speak your mind. It’s a community by a physician for the physician.

Join physician specialty focus groups.
Provide candid feedback on a broad range of topics during private, moderated discussions. Join the conversation at your convenience by logging in whenever and wherever.

SOLVE & COLLABORATE: Get a second opinion or a hundred more!

Post your challenging patient cases and get colleagues answers to diverse health situations. ActiveMD assists a physician to get help from doctors and learn from doctors.

LEARN & BE UP-TO-DATE: Knowledge at your fingertips.

Participate and share real-life medical issues.
With the ACTIVEMD image challenge feature, you can share photos, lab and imaging results, EKGs, and more with colleagues. Get help and help colleagues.

Convenience at Your Clinic

24x7 anywhere, whenever, wherever
Medicine is changing and specializing and explosive growth in Medical knowledge and lack of time has made practicing of medicine difficult enough these days.

ACTIVEMD is at your side whether you're at the clinic or on the road, or at home the physician community is just a call/ post away to help you 24/7.

STAY INFORMED: Get real-time insights from colleagues and stay updated.

Wherever you are getting a daily news feed on Topics of interest.
No matter what your specialty or interest, ActiveMD connect brings fresh, insightful content every day. Learn directly from thought leaders, peers, health policy experts, and researchers. Follow any of the wide range of topics from wellness and health living to complex care and disease management to tumor boards to practice management.

Real life medicine starts after completion of Medical school. Medicine & Life-long learning is synonymous.

Check out ActiveMD Resources to stay on top of the latest clinical developments.

LIKES: Create your own polls to take the pulse of the community.

Use the power of the community of physicians to get help with a difficult case. Crowd-Diagnosis helps physicians post problems and get perspectives through a poll on alternatives. Also get help with the latest trends.

RATE/ RANK: Get / give rating on the posts / articles, image challenge.

Get to rate the post / article and tell us how it helped you. Understand new developments & the latest healthcare trends. Doctors rank postings on the basis of the perceived credibility of the information posted.


Refer a colleague,
Refer a colleague and earn H-Points.

Take physician surveys.
Turn your valuable insights into H-Point. Share your experience with specific drugs, medical devices and other treatments. Complete ActiveMD Surveys and influence corporate decision-makers with your real-world insights.

What Providers Say

"Time constraints and work pressure prevent doctors from gathering in a lounge"

“This is a lounge for the doctor, by the doctor of the doctor without the intrusion of multiple outside parties.”

“Anonymity enables me to speak freely. I donot have to fear Hospital administrators will get to know of my posts.”

“ I love ActiveMD as I can now speak out and raise alerts on impending health issues and have a peer network to share concerns with.”

“Being a semi-anonymous environment actually allows me to give more honest and useful advice and comments. I get enough daily BS, condescending crappy advice in real life. I don't need more in the virtual life.”

“Googling a medicine does not replace a human source. We have to go beyond ‘cookbook’ medicine, and seek reasonable, experienced minds to think through difficult and diverse cases.”

“Medicine is a fun, when it’s without the intrusion of outsiders. It is a place where we can practice medicine even if it is pro-bono.”

“I love to hangout on ActiveMD Where I get to ask questions, read articles share opinions and frustrations and most of all help others. When I am stressed out I get support here any time of the day.”

“ActiveMD is the collective voice for the providers. Now doctors have a voice that regulators need to hear to improve healthcare delivery."

“I think ActiveMD is spot on. I can read a clinical discussion, articles or solve cases. Can connect with thought leaders. If I need clinical help with a patient, I know where I can get help.”

“I read a post about an atypical disease presentation. It helped me nail the diagnosis.”

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