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It is all about a healthier future for all.

Proactive Wellness Management = Healthy Productive Life.

Personalized Wellness Programs

Physical Fitness

Active Wellness offer cost-effective, personalized wellness programs at work, at home, at school and in retirement. Our personalized wellness programs help patients maximize their overall health and quality of life. We help manage the health and improve well-being by undertaking primary preventive care through assessments, screenings and tests to identify any developing risk and help patients to proactively reverse any problem by setting health goals, monitoring and tracking them with Personal Health Plans coupled with providing health education designed to improve understanding of factors that lead to illness and identify factors that enable individuals to attain, maintain & improve wellness.

Specially assigned healthcare coaches, allied healthcare professionals, and healthcare team professionals (RN) work with patients. They act as mentors and teachers. They coach and act as partners, guiding the patient to change behavior and work toward his or her optimal level of health. The teams use motivational interviewing techniques, to identifying high-risk behaviors and followed up by setting realistic goals and interventions to change these behaviors

Each personalized wellness program plan has an action plan that is reviewed at each encounter and modified to meet the revised needs to address a variety of health-related subjects. We utilize condition-specific knowledge and management, nutrition and weight management, medication adherence, physical activity and exercise, smoking cessation, substance use and stress management to name a few.

Our Goal: The goal of our personalized wellness program is to keep people healthy and out of the hospital by providing education, motivation, and support that is needed in everyday lives.

Costs: The annual costs of Active Wellness personalized wellness program are generally less than half the cost of a visit to a healthcare provider and result in fewer absences from work or school and an improved quality of life.

Attendant Benefits: Have a personal care team and have your records maintained and managed at a single repository.

Our Personalized Wellness Program Services

  • Assessment of personal health and wellness state and establish health goals.
  • Dedicated registered nurses, allied healthcare professionals for outbound health coaching calls. Have a personal care team (Physicians, Dieticians, Pharmacists, Care Coordinators) Opt for our Managed care services.
  • Nurses / care coordinators available 24/7 for any health concerns
  • Real-time encounter documentation and saving into your PHRs for your primary care physicians review of escalations.
  • Option to include supplementary health education and medication/appointment reminders provided via preferred patient method of contact

Additional Service Offerings

  • Remote device and medical kiosk monitoring/coordination with device and logistics partners and integration of extensive printed and web-based wellness materials. Delivered straight to your Inbox.
  • Home Care Services
  • Medication Therapy Management

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