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Today’s physicians are expected to deliver consistent, personalized, best in class quality care—despite quickly evolving clinical guidelines and constant pressure to reduce costs. They are under pressure to best outcomes at least costs.

ActiveMD’s Physician Engagement Solution can help:

  • Manage variation of quality and cost of care
  • Disseminate latest evidence-based medicine
  • Understand physician’s attitudes, behaviours, and motivations
  • Maximize existing investments in physician engagement

Every day, members of our web and mobile community –  ActiveMD – are learning from experts and collaborating with peers to make better decisions for their practice and patients

Expert-led Content

Experts from top institutions share thoughts and content on topics that matter to the Physicians.

Social Framework

Meaningful Interactions between peers and peer-to-peer discussions,ratings, member profiles drive targeted content.


Clinical cases, challenges, and polls create an environment physicians want to explore - leading to insight to their attitudes and behaviours.

What would your physicians say?

Built-in feedback loops on ActiveMD offer a window into your physician’s attitudes and behaviours. Gather insights (as in these sample results) and gain buy-in.

Physicians Influenced

62% of physicians say ActiveMD content influenced how they manage a common clinical problem.

Physicians Cases

57% of physicians say that more clinical cases will help better address clinical outcomes.

Physicians Patients

85% Of physicians want best for their patients. They are unclear of how the health systems view their treatment approaches.

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