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Lab Tests At Home


Active Wellness integrated Lab testing services allow the person to order tests online at the click of a button. The Care teams can order the tests for the patients and these can be sent to the lab for execution. Go to our test order page to know more. Join the Active wellness Ecosystem and get managed for your whole life. This is the only comprehensive healthcare platform that keeps you healthy and manages your health and reduces the adverse events that may lead to hospital events.You can either book tests online, via an email or over a phone call. Your test samples will be collected at your doorstep and the reports will be delivered to you via email. The ability to upload your results will give you a safe and secure healthcare record repository.

View all the lab tests available.

Active Wellness platform has an integrated testing portal that allows users to order tests that are being recommended by the care teams and also that are suggested by the health condition of the patient.

The automation of ordering within your PHR is an exclusive feature that is available in the Platform. As you take assessments and uncover your health state there is a recommendation of potential test that you might need on a regular basis to manage and maintain your health and identify deviations for early preventive interventions. You have the ability to get the records straight into your PHR and your Care teams can view them as they get added to your record and provide proactive interventions.

What Do We Offer?

Diabetes Health Check Package

Comprising of cholesterol, sugar screening tests, kidney tests, and lipid profile test, the package is designed for those who are diabetic or have irregular levels of glucose or sugar.

Executive Health Check for Men

The routine investigation, cholesterol, sugar screening tests, liver tests, kidney tests and thyroid test are included in this health package for men. This is an ideal package for people having a hectic work life and excessive physical and mental stress.

Executive Health Check for Women

This package includes routine investigations, sugar screening, thyroid, and lipid profile tests which are very essential for today’s working women who have busy schedules in stressful environment.

Health Check Package for Hypertension

People who have a busy lifestyle, irregular diet patterns, lack of physical activity and sleep etc face huge risks of high BP, cardiovascular problems, and heart diseases. Get this health package to control the risk factors.

How We Help?

If you need any regular lab tests or health packages, send us a request, and we will send a phlebotomist home. Our extremely qualified phlebotomist will collect lab samples from your home or workplace at your convenient time. Reports will be delivered to you via an email. Our NABL certified partners assure the reliability of the reports.

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