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Home Health Services

Hospital At Home = Best Of Both Worlds

Care Teams + Technology & Devices + Equipment + Home = Connected Comprehensive Care + Reduced Costs + Enhanced Patient Experience

Home Health Services: Is a comprehensive offering of bundled services (Technology + Care Management + Home Monitoring). This allows a real-time interface between care teams and patients or kin through a user-friendly service offering. Our integrated offering allows selection of the best combination and helps define what is ideal for a patient. Our unique Care Model allows coordinated care, Physicians to make Home calls and follow up virtual home visits.

Active Wellness Homecare is

  • Intelligent, incorporating best practices that simulate a clinician's thought processes while improving documentation accuracy.
  • Collaborative, supporting multi-disciplinary care and reporting capabilities agencies need to participate in care alliances and partnerships.
  • Efficient, speeding documentation and capturing vital data to monitor and track compliance and care tasks.
  • Effective, the clinical effectiveness of homecare team members becoming the eyes and ears of the Clinical teams are established.

IMPACT: With its built-in intelligence and comprehensive functionality, Active Wellness Homecare, is the first integrated home health service provider providing personalized care teams using the state of art technology to deliver value to patients. The solution helps improve quality of care, manage clinical costs, coordinate care, manage resources, and offers patient education.

Home Healthcare Services

Connected Care Technology Drives Effective Home Care

Changing Lifestyle choices and resultant emergence of chronic diseases are a major cause of morbidity that is a driver of rising unsustainable healthcare cost. The focus and emphasis are shifted to preventing the onset of chronic disease and resultant adverse events that lead to hospital admissions and financial stress for the patients. The Active Wellness care model moves from transactional "Treatment Plans" to "Comprehensive Care Plans". The Active Wellness care model has a focus on prevention of adverse events and primary care through patient-centered medical homes or primary care teams.

The Active Wellness solution is a Comprehensive Integrated suite of both "Technology and Services" with a focus on care delivery in the comfort of the home. The bundled solution allows the Care Teams to extend their reach into the patients home and enables patient bedside reviews. This is a comprehensive, coordinated, integrated Care Team approach to healthcare delivery to needy patients. This is a smart, powerful, intelligent, collaborative, efficient health interface helping homecare teams to work with clinical care teams to deliver high quality of care.

The Active Wellness Homecare Service suite empowers Home Care Teams to share real-time clinical details and progress of patients on the care plans. The ability to raise escalations on the patient needs allows the care teams to modify care plans.

The Active Wellness Homecare Suite is an integrated part of the Care ecosystem that provides a comprehensive set of tools that allow seamless communication, monitoring and tracking through access to unified data by both the home care teams and the Clinical teams. This helps deliver optimal right time comprehensive home care. The platform allows sharing of bedside data with distributed care teams.

The online real-time availability of clinical information quickly and easily allows for proactive Care Plan modification. By measuring and monitoring the progress that helps in automating communication between shareholders, Clinical Care teams to strengthen teamwork and improves patient outcomes and experience.

Balance Clinical Care Costs with Optimal Care Delivery

The technology supports the efforts of Physicians to provide quality care in the most cost-effective manner. Active Wellness Homecare Services becomes your extended arm in-home care delivery.

Allows Keeping Care costs down and delivering optimal care in the comfort of the home.

The comprehensive dashboard allows identification of Care Gaps and changes in the condition of a patient that will lead to the proactive modification of care plans.

Automating and integrating personnel scheduling with point-of-care and telephonic and virtual visits.

Eliminating unauthorized home visits through built-in alerts

Ordering and tracking supplies online

In today's collaborative care environments, your home health needs cannot exist as an isolated entity.
The ActiveMD provider network enables you to draw upon a large pool of qualified resources to build Care teams and structure the needs of the patient

Key Benefits
  • Improves efficiency by providing a single data repository for role-based documentation
  • Enables consistent care documentation processes to minimize errors
  • Eliminates duplicity and recording of biometrics and patient care notes
  • Integrated PHR - EHR gives enhanced visibility to both Care teams and patients
  • Build custom need based Care teams for effective Delivery
  • Defining Goals and specifying Tasks to achieve them...
  • Facilitates ongoing Care Plan analysis and effecting proactive modifications
  • Comprehensive Medication Therapy Management to prevent Medication errors
  • Promotes efficient scheduling processes that focus on the care need
  • Real-Time interactive communication allows interventions in real-time
  • Integrated Communication - facilitates instant communication within the Care Network
Key Features
  • Home care teams can raise proactive referrals and escalations to Care teams around new problems / symptoms, any medication issues, progress in the control and management of a disease. Other functions include - Reviewing health dashboards, escalating gaps in care, tracking drug adherence and undertaking health assessments
  • Allow targeted patient education materials available that is driven by the care needs at the touch of a screen. The patient has access to a knowledge library that covers a variety of conditions, diseases, treatments, behavioral issues, drug product recommendations and instructions
  • An industry-standard library of more than 400 Clinical Care pathways and Evidence-Based Medicine to your treating teams
  • A library text option that you can use to create a library of standard verbiage to populate verbal orders, physician's orders and interdisciplinary communication
  • The integrated Drug formulary and Medication Adherence Program reduces drug interactions and adverse events

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