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Medical Equipment & Monitoring

Track and manage health wellness and chronic disease

Wearable Devices + Continuous Monitoring + Analytics = Improved Health & Wellbeing

Wearable Devices

Connected Care: Our wearable's gather data and upload into your medical record. This helps your care teams help track your health and maintain your health and ward off potential risks.

Medical Equipment

Medical Equipment

During the journey of life, there will be moments that will require monitoring. Medical equipment is required for these short term needs. Renting medical equipment is convenient. During difficult health phases of life, you or your loved would need to have access to medical equipment to recover and get back to normal life. Active Wellness offers a wide range of medical equipment for rent or purchase thereby making healthcare more accessible for you.

Our Medical Device / Equipment Offering

Beds and Mattresses

Active Wellness’s comprehensive range of hospital mattresses and beds include air mattresses, semi-fowler hospital bed, ICU function bed, etc. You can rent these types of equipment for complete care of your loved one in the home setting.

Cardiac Range

We provide a cardiac range of medical equipment that includes ECG and Multipara Meter Monitor which are important for those suffering from cardiac disease or complexities. We couple this with our telemonitoring services.

Mobility Range

Active Wellness’s mobility range of medical equipment including wheelchair, walker, crutches, tripod stand, etc. We help a person to regain mobility after an injury or surgery. This equipment also assists the elderly or other people in need with basic mobility.

Respiratory Range

Our comprehensive range of respiratory devices like BiPAP, CPAP, Oxygen Concentrator, Pulse Oximeter, Nebulizer, FEV1 monitors, etc. These help people during their respiratory exacerbations and assist in regaining and maintaining well-being and good health.

Home Health Monitoring Range

Blood Pressure, Glucometer, Weighing scale, Thermometer + Fitness devices to manage and maintain health & Wellness.

Our Assistance Program

If you require any medical equipment for rent or purchase, get it from Active Wellness. Check our exhaustive medical equipment catalog and rent the necessary equipment online, via an email or over a phone call. The equipment will be delivered to your doorstep

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