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Elderly Care

Prevent Avoidable Accidents and exacerbations of Disease

Prevention + Monitoring = Increased Wellbeing + Prevent Illness + Avoid Hospitals

What Is Elderly Homecare Plan?

Emotional Care

Active Wellness integrates Technology with customized care plans that provide a care plan that is customized to the elders care need. This can vary from just assistance with daily chores and activities of daily living to comprehensive multiple chronic disease management and monitoring.

We at Active Wellness help you achieve healthcare goals for elderly or loved ones that are affordable and effective. The technology platform with the large ActiveMD network provides integrated holistic care across the care continuum. The comprehensive clinical tools and the PHR - EHR interface allows your care team to deliver comprehensive, coordinated care and provides visibility to Kin around the care needs and the needs management of the elderly.

These plans are designed to cater to the healthcare needs of the elderly. Our care teams of nurses, doctor, specialists, allied healthcare professionals, trained attendant to deliver comprehensive, coordinated care. The integrated clinical services with lab tests and order tools for medication supply and test orders coupled with medical supply purchases and meeting the need of medical equipment (buy or rent) at your doorstep brings convenience to the patients' doorstep.

Elderly Healthcare Services

Elderly Care Plans

Choose the best suitable plan for your elders / loved ones. Contact us for your special needs, and we will help you with the right selection.

24x7 Care Plan

The plan is ideal for those looking for a comprehensive healthcare service with daily living assistance for parents. It includes nursing attendant service, nursing, and doctor visits, physiotherapy, medical equipment, lab test, and pharmacy.

Preventive Eldercare Plan

The preventive eldercare plan is ideal for those who want monthly doctor visits along with complementary health services for parents. It includes doctor visit, medical equipment, lab tests, and pharmacy. Avail discount on all services.

Special Eldercare Plan

The special eldercare plan is ideal for those who are looking for regular medical advice, treatment and other healthcare services through a single channel. It includes the entire spectrum of Active Wellness in-home healthcare services. Contact us and we will help select the right plan for you / your dear one.

Benefits Of Eldercare Plan
  • Pay only for the service you avail.
  • Avail value-added services that are structured for the health conditions.
  • A dedicated care coordinator is appointed to every patient who remains your single point of contact.
  • Have a secure medical record repository
  • Access complete medical records of the patients online.
  • Access to a comprehensive set of Care tools that make life healthy happy and keep hospital events at bay.

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