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Patient Access Services

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Patient Access Services = Improve patient satisfaction + Improve revenue + Lowered Costs
Assisted Care

The First Step on the Journey to Improving the Patient Experience

In the wake of rising costs of care and increasing patient pain points in accessing healthcare, there is a need to evolve healthcare delivery. This changing paradigm is increasing pressure on hospitals, health systems, academic medical centers and physician practices to shift to deliver enhance performance through increased value-driven evidence-based care. There is increased pressure to enhance performance, improve success rates, reduce costs, reduce appointment no-shows and referral leakage outside the network, and have secure pre-service payment collection while delivering effective and efficient care.

As organizations realize and move to embrace and enhance value for the patients, the concept of “Patient Experience” is an extremely important measure of success. It constitutes 7 of the 33 quality measures defined by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services and is being recognized as a key driver from patient satisfaction to provider loyalty and quality of care.

The Right Healthcare Call Center Makes the Difference

How do healthcare providers drive up patient satisfaction / enhance the experience with all these objectives on their plate? These healthcare organizations are often too busy to handle the high volume of calls effectively that come in throughout the day on top of everyday responsibilities. Many are turning to remote call centers to improve their patients’ ability to connect –not only for scheduling, patient support information, billing, and collections or other forms of support but also Clinical Contact centers for connecting for their health needs and also with their Care Teams. The solution allows distributed care teams to connect with patients to address gaps in care and for reviews and assessments. Health systems, in addition, are seeking ways to use a centralized patient-access call center as a way to improve and streamline registration, scheduling and patient referrals from disparate clinics, practices and surgery centers.

All healthcare call centers are not created equal. To achieve your patient access goals, it makes sense to seek a patient access call center solution from Active Wellness whose representatives have decades of healthcare experience. The decades of experience of the Active Wellness team in healthcare and leading BPM companies helps in designing solutions and deliver access services with wait times of less than 60 seconds, where there is 99% call routing accuracy and whose robust infrastructure offers high availability, scalability and security. We know how to drive quality of care and enhance patient satisfaction.

Optimize Revenue and Improve the Patient Experience with Patient Access Services

Patient Access Services help you improve the patient experience while controlling costs and reducing cost of care. The Active Wellness comprehensive patient access services are driving healthcare delivery towards monitoring and connecting with patients at risk in a proactive manner. This help hospitals and physicians assess and improve the financial health of their organization from the front end of the revenue cycle. An efficient revenue cycle starts at the front door. By improving the quality of patient registration billing data at pre- or point-of-service, and basic clinical data capture prior to reaching your physicians helps reduce queue length, wait times and allow higher throughput and thus position your revenue cycle to run at top speed.

Key Benefits
  • Ongoing Patient Education
  • Symptom Checker & Nurse Advice
  • Wellness, Prevention of disease Interventions
  • Risk assessment & Risk Reversal care plans
  • Appointment scheduling, referrals, and billing/collections,
  • Monitoring & Tracking of Goals and Care plans
  • Patient Calling for counseling on care needs.

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