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Networking with experts and peers

With a single click connect with 1000 physicians across 50 hospitals, 4000 consumers across 4 geographical locations….

ActiveMD social network facilitates finding medical information, researching and sharing their symptoms, and offer opinions about doctors, treatments, drugs, and wellness plans. It facilitates crowd diagnosis approach.

The social collaboration platform:

Helps collaborate and communicate with peers and thought leaders.

A branding Tool

Providers: – A powerful and cost-effective method to increase visibility among peers. Develop a professional network. Increase personal awareness of news and discoveries. Have Physicians follow you and be recognized.

Patients & Consumers: - It increases your visibility among the patient community. Allows you to share Tips answer questions and lets your answers to be searched by other patients

A Learning Platform: - The CMEs and the collaborative sharing and learning allows you to pack in more in a short time. Have access to articles of choice and treatment guidelines at your practice. No more worry about what is the Gold treatment standard. Click and get the details.

Secure Messaging: - It enables secure Information sharing. - Content posted is vetted/reviewed by our moderators so as to prevent private information breach or anything that you want to recall within a stipulated time.

Provides trackable ROI : - Practice analytics show you how many people visited your link, consulted you, and provided feedback to you vs. your peers

Communication Center : - A communication and management system that leads to potentially improve health outcomes.

  • Enables you to motivate patients, and provide health information.
  • Allows consumer community posts.
  • Ensures better Patient Safety.
  • Increases confidence in managing chronic diseases.
  • Helps to get relevant clinical content delivered by experts.
  • A convenient online format.
  • Leads to significant Cost Savings.
  • Influences how you diagnose and manage patients.
  • Results in prevented infections.
  • Provides real-time feedback by identifying positive and negative comments.
  • Early warning systems are a robust patient engagement platform

ActiveMD Collaborative Platform components allow:

Posts: – Posts can provide the opportunity to publish large amounts of information in a variety of media (text, video, and audio) in this forum.

Questions: – You can seek opinions of specialty leaders by asking the clinical questions you have. You can ask questions anonymously as well.

Articles: – Read and post articles

Case Studies: – Features case studies in a wide range of medical specialties. The physician can share specific case studies keeping patient private information confidential. Get to establish an ongoing dialogue with readers through responses, comments, votes/likes, and follows.

Specialty Networks: - Interact and follow specialists and learn from there experience. The collaborative environment allows a shared learning environment.

Faculty : - Clinical thought leaders and leading faculty members write and share case studies and post image challenges that allow you to earn H Points.

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