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Unique Approach

Every day, members of our community of physicians can visit ActiveMD to learn from experts, seek advice, and collaborate with each other. The blend of expert content, social networking, and game mechanics creates an environment physicians want to explore and serves up high quality, meaningful interactions.

Valuable Insights

Physicians who visit ActiveMD not only watch expert led content but also engage in spirited debate to thoughtful consideration of clinical cases and more. Polls, surveys, comments, and scoring mechanisms capture these interactions, offering a window into physician’s attitudes and behaviours while strengthening provider partnerships. The crowd diagnosis ability is an attractive option.

Measurable Impact

The active physician community on ActiveMD posts presentations, question, new articles, patient check lists across a wide spectrum of specialities. These insights and learnings can be instantly applied to practice. The content spans information on the latest medical breakthroughs, drug therapies to brushing up on clinical best practice guidelines. These interactions engage physicians with valuable content to help drive clinical performance and operational excellence.

Client Solutions


Our virtual presence helps you extend your practice.

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Have care teams work under your guidance. Move from writing Treatment Plans to Care Plans.

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Remain connected with your patients. Help them transition to homecare safely after discharge.

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Build brand and support more informed treatment decisions

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Health Systems

Improve care and boost performance among physicians

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Med Tech

Increase awareness and gain insights with targeted content

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