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Paediatric Ischemic Stroke Due To Minor Head Trauma


Dr. neha bhatti

12 Jul 16 4:18PM

Case History: 20 mns old child brought by mother with H/o sudden fall on floor while playing - evening time.No H/o seizures/vomiting. H/o excessive cry+. Next day morning,mother noticed weakness of RT half of the body, unable to walk, use the RT upper limb,and deviation of the angle of mouth to LT side with drooling of saliva and food particles. Rushed to hospital. Child was still irritable, and excessive crying. Mother's history findings confirmed at clinic,Rt hemiparesis. I ordered CT brain as MRI scan not available at my place. CT scan Brain showed the above image. Ischemic infarct noticed at Lentiform nucleus. This is a case of Paediatric ischemic stroke due to minor head injury.
c54ac4a3-967f-41f1-b7ce-af7e3a00c9e2_Paediatric ischemic stroke, CT scan Brain image_t.jpg
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