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Physical Inactivity -- The New Pandemic

Physical Inactivity: IS doing less than 30 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity per week.

  • 3.2 million deaths attributed to insufficient physical activity.
  • 31% of adults over 15 years old and over were insufficiently active in 2008, (Males vs. :Females :: 28% vs. 34% inactive).
  • 4th greatest risk factor for poor health

Physical Activity Your Way to Healthy Life

Physical Activity Leads to - A healthy Mind in a Healthy Body

  • Physical Fitness
  • Quality OF life
  • Mental Health
    • Anxiety / Depression / Dementia/ Cognitive function
  • Delay / Manage Life Style Disorder
    • Diabetes/ Hypertension / Cancers / strokes etc.

Physical Activity Benefits All Ages

physical Plan
physical Plan

Where are you: “sedentary” or do “vigorous” exercise, take a look

Some activity is good, but more is better

Intensity is more efficient --Helps Active Goals in shorter time

Increase duration increase benefits

  • No absolute thresholds: benefits come at levels both below and above the amount recommended.
  • The more time spent being physically active, the greater the health benefits.
  • Those starting at no or low levels of Physical activity gain the maximum (less than 30 mins per week)

Health-enhancing physical activity is a combination of:

  • Muscle & Bone Strengthening
  • Balance Training
  • Cardiovascular

A right Mix bring Physical, Mental & Social Health Leads to Healthy Aging

To tick all the health benefit boxes, intensities should be at least moderate-vigorous level.

Intensity of exercise

As the intensity increases, heart rate, respiratory rate and energy consumption also increase further

physical Plan
physical Plan

Physical Activity is a Pillar Of Healthy Growth & Aging

Retards onset of disease

What Do I do to meet the Physical Activity for a Healthy Body & Healthy Mind

Activity & Beifical Impact

physical Plan