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Biometric Measurement

Do I Need This?

Chronic Disease Costs over $ 1.7 Trillion per year. It is a silent killer the first sign of which is during a hospitalization. Regular health assessments help screen for disease & prevent rising morbidity & mortality when Chronic Diseases are undetected.

Problem Assessment Solves

Proactive assessments generate a personalized health view. Periodic review help generates a longitudinal view of the health state for the entire lifespan. The Intelligence built into the system drives the assessments and helps improves health outcomes by:

  • Identifying gaps in Primary and Secondary Care.
  • Identifying the impact of lifestyle choices & habits on health.
  • Identify & help reverse modifiable risk factors & prevent chronic diseases.
  • Help in early detection of chronic disease and manage it.

How Users Benefit?

A health score & personalized recommendations with follow up Action Plans. This based upon the Action Plans is built around the areas of deficiency identified.

The action plans focus on:

  • Enable proactive primary & secondary health interventions.
  • Build tasks & activities around reversible risk.
  • Early detection and management of Chronic Disease.
  • Strategy to prevent / reduce / minimize hospital events.
  • Medication Therapy Management
  • Build & manage step down care and home care interventions.
Body Sensors

What It Includes?

  • Clinical Screening & Immunization.
  • Assess Whole Of life (360 Degree) Health.
  • Assess Quality Of Life.
  • Assess Chronic Disease Risk.
  • Assess Mental Health & Life Stress.
  • Assess Mother & Child.
  • Recommend Screening Tests.

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