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Setting Goals

Targeted Personalized Care Goals

Do I Need This?

Setting Goals helps build a focussed & structured approach to maintain not only a healthy state but also manage lifestyle risks & Chronic non- communicable diseases. Setting goals give a stepped approach to improve health state.

Problem Goal Setting Solves

Assessments generate a set of personalized recommendations and action plans. There may be a set of recommendations. The system generates goals and prioritizes them based upon on their urgency in maintaining you healthy and productive. The setting of goals allows the activation of tasks that you need to undertake to achieve your goals.

Thus there is a focused approach to meet your health objectives.

  • Activation and monitoring of tasks.
  • Online review by your care teams.
  • Allows modification of special tasks by addition or modification of task.
  • See the achievement of your goals in tracking and monitoring.

What It Includes?

The goals are set collaboratively by your care team and you. The health goals are a part of the Total Care Plans to achieve a high wellbeing index and remain disease free / contain the progress of the disease.

  • Review Biometric / Vitals goals.
  • Manage Lifestyle goals.
  • Manage Quality of life Goals.
  • Manage 360 Degree Health Goals
  • Proactively reduce Disease Risks.
  • Manage Chronic Disease Care Plan Goals.

Goal Activation enables Monitoring & Tracking

  • Recording Health Actions & Activities.
  • Monitoring Special Tasks.
  • Monitoring Medication.
  • Monitoring Health & Wellbeing State.
  • Remote Monitoring of Biometric Goals.
  • Device Data Monitoring.

The Value of Setting Goals

  • Maintain Health.
  • Detect Disease signals early & institute proactive interventions.
  • Manage & Contain the progress of the disease.
  • Proactively manage, modify Care Plans

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