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Track Your Health

Mobile Tracking

Do I Need This?

65% of the total healthcare spend is on Non Communicable diseases such as Hypertension, Diabetes, Cancer, COPD, Stroke, & heart disease. They have emerged as a major cause of morbidity & Mortality. Tracking the health state helps ward off / contain these chronic diseases. It is needed at all stages of life from preconception through pregnancy to infants, children, adolescents, adults, and seniors. This provides a health shield around the consumer.

Problem Tracking Solves

The set of tools that tracking your health builds a total life view of your health and allows the precision evidence-based medicine to deliver better health outcomes. Activating tracking early in life leads to better health management.

  • Help healthy persons manage and further improve their health.
  • Detect early the signals of disease & provide interventions to ward them off.
  • Optimize the therapy to have good control of chronic disease.
  • Monitor if there is adequate control of the disease.
  • Modify & personalize the Care Plans to improve outcomes.

How Users Benefit?

These tools help both consumers & care teams to track & manage health goals across different health states proactively. Setting & tacking health goals is critical to remaining healthy. A wide array of parameters are used to manage, monitor and track your health. We bring tools to monitor progress on achieving personal Monitoring goals.

Proactively Tracks & Manage the following:

  • Primary & Secondary Prevention care needs and close gaps.
  • Tasks for reversal of identified risk factors.
  • Monitor self-paced tasks to manage chronic disease.
  • Care teams review vitals, symptoms and test results to deliver favorable disease outcomes.
  • Remote device monitoring & tracking of health and disease.
  • Track, monitor, & proactively manage to Control chronic disease.
  • Track the Total health Reporting & Analytics provides a longitudinal view of the patient records.
Mobile Data Acquisition

What It Includes?

The goals that a person sets need to be tracked, outcome measured and modifications are undertaken to improve the health outcome. Tracking uses real-time systems through a set of levers:

  • Alerts and Action Items: Real-time alerts and reminders.
  • Alert Care team on Gaps in Care: Proactive flagging gaps in care.
  • Personal Health Calendars: A calendar for each of the health activity.
  • E-Consults: Undertake consults from the convenience of your home.
  • Personal Care Network: Access managed care through personal care teams.
  • A Personal Health Record: A growing interactive repository of medical records.
  • Works Flow driven activities
    • - Create & Track Goals & Tasks: Track progress and allow outcome based modification in the care plans. Real-Time Visible to consumers and care teams.
    • - Medication Therapy Management: e-Prescriptions, reminders, Alerts on potential interactions & side effects. Improve drug compliance.
    • - IOT Ecosystem: An array of devices (Real-time monitoring and tracking): Devices & interactive tools to Manage & Monitor health activities and tasks.

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