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  • Ensure that the picture or scan such that entire Drug Prescription is visible. (Including the doctors/ clinic letter head.)
  • Ensure that the handwriting / type is visible clearly.
  • The file size should not exceed 10 MB.
  • Either you or your family member can upload a test requisition.
  • You can upload a total of 4 prescriptions per order.
  • Upload the back side image of the test requisition if present.


  • Alternatively, you can send us a picture or scan of your prescription by email "drug AT activewellness DOT in" or WhatsApp +91-9700868686, or fax - coming soon.
  • Please remember to quote your order ID on the top of your digital prescription, if you have already placed your order without submitting your prescription.
  • Once you have uploaded your prescription, we will email you and also send an SMS to your registered mobile number to confirm the receipt of your prescription.
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