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What Is This?

SOCIAL LOUNGE is a virtual place to “hangout” with people having similar interest. Users can join communities for free. After that, they can both read and post queries and share experiences. These focused open and closed groups allow the public, patients and healthcare professionals to communicate to achieve a shared vision to improve health outcomes and ward off disease.

Patient-focused networks are built around diverse health needs ranging from wellness to managing diseases. These give individuals and their families’ access to supportive communities where they receive comfort, insights, and potential leads on new treatments both moderns system and alternative systems of medicines. Read More

Do I Need This?

A dedicated Active Wellness consumer Lounge is a consumer-focused healthcare network that allows the consumers to – connect - share – learn. Collective learning through experience sharing helps consumers overcome doubts, take right decisions for remaining healthy and handling health problems and diseases. It is free for lifetime.

Problem Consumer Lounge Solves

A virtual lounge enables users to get together for discussions. It is the ideal place to Share, Learn & Collaborate about managing health conditions and keeping healthy. This has no time and place restrictions.

It makes consumers informed users by:

  • Connecting consumers to share their experiences around their health journey both wellness and disease.
  • Allow collaborative learning from others experiences.
  • Post problems into public forums and get answers. Reveal or hide your identity. Privacy is the key.
  • Connecting consumers to share their experiences around their health journey both wellness and disease.
  • Learn how consumers are coping with similar situations.
  • Join forums or groups of their area of interest enables to enhance the quality of their health journey:
    • - Allows users to Share experience around health events.
    • - Share & learn from others in handling the risk of life style choices & habits.
    • - Share experiences on how consumers manage chronic diseases.
    • - Motivate each other to manage health & chronic disease.

Facilitate consumers make informed health decisions:

  • Selecting their doctor, hospitals.
  • View and rate provider experiences.
  • Understand courses of treatment for both themselves and their family.
  • Manage the health of seniors in the family.
  • Connect with care teams for themselves & their near and dear ones.
  • Connect with ActiveMD providers and ask the question.

Provider Lounge

Virtual Home Visits

What Is This?

This is a physician’s only community. Around 33% of healthcare professionals opt social networks focused exclusively on healthcare. ActiveMD is a provider-focused virtual lounge where providers find access to:

  • Medical advice and best-practices.
  • Job openings and career tips.
  • Research and product information.
  • Secure Peer Connect
  • Free from people looking over the shoulder.
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Problems Virtual Lounge Solves

Here Doctors / Physicians hang out with fellow physicians, colleagues and peers to share medical knowledge & experiences.

  • Healthcare professionals are some of the busiest people around.
  • Physicians Lounge (Social Network) allows them to make virtually instantaneous connections which are invaluable
  • Sharing of experience drive better quality of care.
    • - Easy access to curated content on the go.
    • - Get peer help in complex medical situations.
    • - Network with experts around the world.

How Users Benefit?

A set of tools that allows access to experiences in real life medical practice by

  • Learning through asking questions on problems.
  • Reading articles posted by experts.
  • Take part in image challenges and quiz.
  • Crowdsourcing diagnosis in a complex case through polls.
  • Learn and understand how others handled similar issues.
  • Create your care networks.
  • Earn CME credits.

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