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Welcome to ActiveWellness

MISSION: To inspire and empower individuals on their journey towards holistic wellness & proactive Care - through preventive interventions, ongoing risk assessment & its reversal, detect early & reverse or manage disease and slow progression.

OUR GOAL: To improve the quality, accessibility, and efficiency of healthcare delivery while enhancing patient outcomes and experiences.

WHO BENEFIT: The platform support both genders from Pre-birth to End of life. Be it would be or pregnant mothers, infants through childhood to adolescents adult and seniors. The continuous ongoing manage of

360 DEGREE HEALTH: Offering designed to enhance physical, mental, and emotional health through our hybrid care model. It brings the best of both worlds Clinic Visits & Virtual visits to patient through Digital care workflows and processes that connect devices, applications, and the platform to facilitate the exchange of medical information between patients, healthcare providers, and caregivers.

Our Consumer Services


Consult Doctor

E-Consults Workflows -- Fix appointments, prepare for consults, get consultation in clinics & Tele-consults.

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Book Tests

Pathology, Genomic, Radiology Tests manage e-test requisition, E-order tests, get results in your EHR and in your record repository.

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Order Drugs Manage Medication

E-Medication covers drug orders, alerts, compliance, side effect & effectiveness monitoring . Check drug interaction & Allergies to prevent medication errors

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ProActive Preventive Care

Ongoing evaluation of Physical, Mentail, Emotion and social health

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Women's Health

Womens Health covers women & girl child health issues & prevents onset and detects disease early and manages it.

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School Health

School Health --monitors for proper growth , mental, social development milestones besides ongoing screening & immunization.

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Home Care

Post Surgery and after discharge the patients need home assisted care, and nursing and monitoring for recovery.

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Elderly Care

Aging is associated with onset of morbidity and that required ongoing managed care coupled with tracking monitoring and proactive intervention.

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Our Provider Services

Individual Clinicians

Practice Smart: Our virtual presence helps you extend your practice. Let the PMS handle Appointments, manage and communicate with patients 24x7. See your practice grow.

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Extend Remote Care: Remain connected with your patients. Help them transition to homecare safely after discharge. Our Homecare services partner to meet your goals

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Nursing Home / Poly Clinics

Holistic Care: Move from writing Treatment Plans to Care Plans. Holistic plans that focus on prevention of events delays morbidity reduces adverse events

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Special Care Clinics

Specialist Care: Have care teams work under your guidance. Focus on your strength have the care teams execute and escalate patients care needs.

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Consumer Connect Ecosystem

It is a single easy to use health management tool that helps consumers to keep healthy, identify and reverse disease risk and helps patients identify gaps in their care. It proactively assists the patient in the management of disease, especially Chronic Disease. To know more click Consumer Connect.

Provider Connect Ecosystem

The Provider Connect is a network of PARTNERS & HEALERS (Providers, Specialists, Clinics, Hospitals, Diagnostics and Allied Healthcare Professionals). They form a protective network around the consumer. To know more click Provider Connect.

Care Management

This is care teams interface to get a complete view of the patient health, and diseases. His treatments, gaps in care, goals and dashboard of health trends. The Care Management system connects and brings together a connected collaborative. To know more click Care Management.

Medication Therapy Management

ACTIVEWELLNESS - Total Health Solution integrates Comprehensive Medication Management through ActiveMED. We help optimize medication therapy to ensure timely, appropriate treatment for each patient's health journey through prevention and disease management. To know more click Medication Therapy Management.

Home Care

Our Home Care Ecosystem is a series of services that extend the Consumer Connect Ecosystem. This is care at home by the care team when there is a need. This includes providing services like Home Nursing, Attendant/Home Health Aide, Physiotherapy, and Doctor Visits. To know more click Home Care.

Innovative & Disruptive Technology

It is a Cloud based Connected, Collaborative, Continuous Patient Centric care continuum platform. The platform is a revolutionary and Innovative approach to address and relieve the current pain points of patients and providers in the current health care delivery system. To know more click Innovative & Disruptive Technology.

Assess Health
Assess Health

Chronic Disease Costs over $ 1.7 Trillion per year. It is a silent killer the first sign of which is during a hospitalization. Regular health assessments help screen for...

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Diet & Physical Activity
Diet & Physical Activity

Chronic Disease Costs over $ 1.7 Trillion per year. It is a hospitalization. Regular health assessments help screen for...

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Set Goals
Set Goals

Setting Goals and activating task is an essential & critical activity for health and persons with lifestyle disorders or chronic diseases...

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Track Health
Track Health

65% of the total healthcare spend is on Non Communicable diseases such as Hypertension, Diabetes, Cancer, COPD,
Stroke, & heart disease...

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Manage Medication
Manage Medication

Eight out of ten adults self-medicate using over-the-counter (OTC) medicines. 50% of the people have difficulty in understanding the prescription...

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Social Lounge
Social Lounge

Separate communities for providers and consumers create an environment for learning, sharing, collaborating and helping each other.

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What Clients Say

Clinical Care Network

" I have a personal care team that looks after me. Their timely advice has helped me ward off medical emergencies. The alerts are a boon, they have helped me keep appointments, get tests done and refill prescriptions. My medicine intake has become regular and I feel better".
Brig. Balbir Singh (Retd.)

Collaborative Care

" I am suffering from multiple problems and had to make frequent hospital visits. After I joined Active Wellness, I do not have to worry. I have regular E-visits by doctors and care team member. They manage my tests and medication orders. I am now happy, relatively healthier with lesser number of hospital visits....and managing my chronic diseases don't seem to a burden anymore.
Devinder Arora.

Provider Engagement

"After I joined the ActiveMD Online Care, I have seen my practice grow. Now I practice smarter and not harder. I can make the house call to my patients, and they love it. The peer to peer network allows me to collaborate with providers for shared learning.
Dr. Dinesh Sachdeva

Patient Engagement

I am excited that now I have a Complete Health Solution to manage my health for me. I save money on my Drug purchases & Test orders. I no longer wait in long queues and can pick consultation time that is convenient & timings that work for me."
Rupinder Kaur

Learn From Others

"I joined Active Wellness Consumer Social Network. Being a diabetic, I joined the Diabetic Community. I learned amazing facts and ways to manage the disease from the community. Now I manage the disease and not vice versa."

Managed Care Services

"Both my parents have multiple ailments and not willing to come and stay with me. After I on-boarded them on the Active Wellness Ecosystem I had complete visibility on their care plans their progress. They have a personalized care team and I am happy that they are being well looked after."
Bhalinder Singh

Medication Therapy Management

"Thanks to Active Wellness, I have better control of both my hypertension and Diabetes. My Sugar control has improved by 30% and my blood pressure is under control. My Care team manages me and tweak my Care Plans."

Monitoring & Tracking

"I am using the devices form Active Wellness to manage my diabetes and hypertension. Now my providers can see how my medication and vitals are moving. They tweak my medications to keep me in best of health. Thank you Active Wellness."
Surbhi Arora.

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